We see branded content in our Instagram feeds all the time: Our fave blogger casually tosses up a sponsored post, and a celebrity we love ‘grams a perfectly placed product and likely receives compensation in return. It’s become a regular marketing practice for plenty of brands to help them engage with their audiences. Now, the San Francisco-based startup Gramming for Good has figured out a way to help nonprofit organizations cash in on the trend too, doing the world some good in the process.


“Connecting socially conscious photographers with nonprofits looking for inspiring content,” Gramming for Good offers two portals for interested parties: One for photographers who want to use their talents to help promote worthy causes, and one for nonprofits to explain what they’re looking for. Causes up for grabs include animals, arts + culture, disaster relief, education + literacy, the environment, human rights, homelessness + housing, women’s issues and health-related subject matter. Nonprofits can choose between letting photographers take over their entire Instagram feeds, submit occasional images, help with hashtag campaigns, host photo walks or come up with other custom plans.


Behind the scenes, Gramming for Good plays matchmaker between shutterbugs and the keepers of the causes they care about. And in the end, Instagram followers are treated with both beautiful images and positive, cause-related content that compels them to donate, participate or at least think about the issues at hand.

Square it, share it and save the world — just a tiny of it bit, anyway — one snap at a time? Sounds like a plan to us.

What kinds of causes are near and dear to your heart? How would (or have) you capture(d) them on Instagram? Share in the comments below!