You know what the day after Christmas calls for? Holiday-themed pet photos, obviously. From Santa Paws to, wait for it, Santa Claws (!!!), we’ve rounded up 15 of the best snaps out there.

1. Merry Christmas from Maddie: We’ll start things up with a now-classic canine model, Maddie! This pup as the angel on top of the tree is pretty irresistible.

2. A Very Bulldog Christmas: For some reason, these look like a trio of mafiosos got morphed into dogs and were forced to get into the holiday spirit. Right…?

3. Purrfect Little Elf: A cat that will let you put a hat on it is a pretty unusual find, and this elf is adorable.

4. Pups with Antlers: I don’t know what’s better, the random ornaments hanging off the dog on the right or the outrageously large bow on the right.

5. Milk and Cookies: This can’t be real. These are definitely animatronic animals.

6. OMG Santa Paws: Serious pet parent points go to the owner of this pooch, made to look like a walking (and talking?!) Santa Claus. So silly.

7. Wait, SANTA CLAWS: Best. Santa. Ever.

8. Chin Up!: Come on there pup, it’s not such a gloomy day!

9. Little Christmas Pug: Pugs probably win most costume contests, and this little kicker is no exception. Not that we’re awarding prizes ;)

10. Reindeer Dog Snood: Wait, why does this product exist? Isn’t it weird enough that scarf-hood hybrids are called snoods when they’re made for humans?

11. Christmas Guinea Pigs: After a day spent in these Santa Hats, your guinea pigs will probably need a set of guinea pig sleeping bags.

12. Dickensian Dog: “God bless us, every one!”

13. Kitty Elf Hat: What. IS. This?! It’s too ridiculous.

14. Hop to It: Bunnies can get into the holiday spirit too!

15. Nerd Alert: And finally, a nerdy pooch after our own geeky hearts.

Do you have pets? Do you attempt to make them wear silly holiday costumes? Share photos with us via Facebook or Twitter.