Getting children to eat healthily isn’t an easy task, especially when you’re not around to make (read: bribe) them. All you can do is send them back to school with a bento box filled with tasty whole foods (and a healthy chocolate treat), and hope they don’t trade it for a bunch of junk food. When it comes to kids’ lunch ideas, Instagram is a huge source of inspiration. If your feed is lacking that, we found 12 Insta-moms that showcase major healthy lunch box goals, and you *need* to follow them all ASAP. Seriously, you’ll wish you were all of these ladies’ kids.

1. @cleanlittleplates: Believe it or not, that sweet potato heart was made in the toaster. Talk about a way to cut down on time! Follow Melanie, and you’ll get to see vibrant posts that explain how to get your kiddos to eat clean whole foods.

2. @coolmomeats: You’re not a regular mom; you’re a cool mom — at least when you take notes from this page. They’re out to prove that there’s no such thing as kid food and their lunch box contents should reflect that.

3. @healthylittlefoodies: Can someone pack us smoked salmon sushi in our lunch box, please? Amy is a mom of two, and her feed is full of gorgeous photos that’ll leave you jealous that her tots eat way better than you do.

4. @mindful_moose: Whether you’re packing for a picnic or a day at the zoo, Jess has you covered with tons of inspirational lunch and snack ideas. Baby number two is on the way, so you can be sure that there will be even more content to come.

5. @momables: Laura not only has an aesthetically pleasing Instagram account; she makes weekly meal plans and YouTube videos to help busy parents.

6. @onmykidsplate: If you have a picky eater at home, head over to Kristy’s profile, pronto. There, she shows you how to make healthy food fun and simple, so you and your kids can enjoy the most of your time together.

7. @organicfoodforkids: Getting your progeny to love veggies isn’t always an effortless job. On her Instagram and her blog, Marta shares healthy recipes (like fun broccoli sticks) that her family loves and that yours will too.

8. @prettyprettypineapple: You can’t properly focus on your kids’ lunch when don’t have your own under control. Take a scroll through Raquel’s photos to learn more about intuitive eating and meal approaches for both adults and children.

9. @raisinggenerationnourished: The family that eats together, stays together. This sweet family of five is determined to show that kids should be helping in the kitchen and meals should be consumed as a family.

10. @superhealthykids: Nat and Amy say that you win when you serve your children healthy foods, even if they don’t end up eating it. That’s a great sentiment to keep in mind when packing their lunches full of nutritious goodies every single day.

11. @thenaturalnurturer: You never know when a positive affirmation or encouraging note will make your kids’ day. Do like Taesha does and sneak one in alongside their strawberries and avocado and see what happens.

12. @weelicious: Catherine McCord may be an entrepreneur, blogger, and Food Network star, but on her Instagram, she’s just a thoughtful mom who caters each lunch to each specific kids’ taste. If you have a mix of vegetarians and meat-eaters in the house, look no further than her page for guidance.

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