Sure, lunchtime is already filled with giggles, lunchbox swaps and kickball, but kids can never have too much fun, we always say. So why not add some extra goodies to those brown bags to make lunchtime at school even more of a good time? We’re thinking brain teasers, joke cards and maybe even LEGO lunchbox tops. You’re about to become the most popular parent at school. You’re welcome :)

1. Origami Notes: We used to love getting notes from mom or dad in our school lunches, but now you can up your note game by using patterned paper and folding those notes into origami shapes! (via Handmade Charlotte)

2. Fruit Stickers ($1): Promote healthy eating by slipping some of these stickers into your kiddies’ lunchboxes. After they eat their daily fruit, they can proudly walk around with one of these puppies stuck to their shirts!

3. Loveable Lunch Money: Fold that lunch money into an origami heart to send your kids off to school with a little extra love. (via Ziploc)

4. DIY Alphabet Crackers: Bust out that edible ink and get to writing on those Wheat Thins! These alphabet crackers will have your little ones practicing their spelling even during their lunch breaks. (via Kids Activities Blog)

5. Puzzle Sandwich Cutter ($16): All kids (and even adults) love a good puzzle. Cut their sandwiches into puzzle pieces using this crust-removing sandwich cutter and we bet they eat the whole thing.

6. Fairy Bread: This fairy bread is made with peanut butter (or Nutella) and sprinkles. Talk about magical! (via Sugar and Cloth)

7. Minion Lunch: When all else fails, a minion-themed lunch will pump up the fun. After all, those minions are anything but boring. (via Foodtastic Mom)

8. Optical Illusion Lunch Box Notes: These optical illusion notes will have your kiddies and their friends seeing all kinds of fun and weird things! (via Mr. Printables)

9. Fruit Roll-Up Fortune Cookies: Fruit roll-ups are a blast on their own, but to make lunch exponentially more fun, write tiny fortunes and fold those roll-ups into bright red fortune cookies for a sweet surprise! (via Project Denneler)

10. Printable Lunch Box Brain Teasers: Keep those young minds at work, even over lunch! (via Capturing Joy With Kristen Duke)

11. Confetti Paper Hearts: How fun is this?! Send your little cutie a paper heart and imagine their joy when they rip it open and confetti flies out! (via Sweet C’s Designs)

12. Lunchbox Jokes: Lunchbox jokes are a great way to get your little ones socializing over lunch. They’ll start telling these jokes in the cafeteria, and before you know it, they’ll be the class comic! (via Paging Supermom)

13. Cheese Monsters: We love these little Babybel cheese monsters! They are so cute and super easy to whip up. (via Danya Banya)

14. DIY Lego Lunchboxes: If you have a little engineer in the making, DIY this LEGO lunchbox so they can practice their building skills over a nice PB+J. (via If Only They Would Nap)

15. Printable Lunchbox Notes: These printable notes are an easy way to add a little something special to your kids’ lunches. (via Skip to My Lou)

16. DIY Lunchables: We all remember those sodium-laden Lunchables we begged our parents for. If your little ones have taken up the plea, DIY this pizza lunchable to help satisfy their craving! (via Bent on Better Lunches)

17. Lunch Bag Drawings: A great cartoon goes a long way, especially when it’s drawn on your little ones’ brown bag lunches! We bet they don’t throw those brown paper bags away after all the food is gone. (via Brit + Co)

18. Banana Notes: Leave a positive message on your kiddies’ bananas to remind them they can do anything they set their minds to! (via Cake Whiz)

19. Lunch Survey: We all benefit from a bit of feedback. Why not tuck this lunch survey into your kids’ lunches to find out how you’re doing with those sammies and such? (via June Pfaff Daley)

How do you like to add some fun to your little one’s lunch? Let us know below!