Unless you were able to plan your wedding in a week, you’re probably looking forward to de-stressing after the big day. It’s natural to want to jump on a plane and head out on your dream affordable honeymoon as husband and wife. But if you’ve just shelled out your life savings (or used all your vacay time) on your dream wedding, that splurge might not be realistic right away. But a new trend — the mini-moon — is all about taking a short break right after your wedding (you can always have that fantasy honeymoon later). And just because you’re on a shortened timeline, doesn’t mean you can’t cross international lines. Here are our seven fave international destinations that are less than a three-hour flight from the US.


1. Toronto, Canada: Perfect for Buffalo brides and East Coast babes, Toronto is quickly climbing the ranks as Canada’s coolest city. Whether you’re sampling local beer in the Distillery District or chowing down at the historic St. Lawrence Market, a quick trip to visit the friendly folks up north can be the perfect easy-to-plan trip for two.

Beach heaven.

2. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: Brides in SoCal will no have problem relaxing beachside in this beautiful city on the Baja California Peninsula. You and your hubby can indulge in local seafood and shoot back servings of tequila after spending the day relaxing on the beach or getting adventurous with some sport fishing. The popularity of resorts in this town will make planning a breeze.


3. Havana, Cuba: There may not be a better way to start making memories with your boo as a married couple than by being one of the first to experience Cuba in all its authentic glory. Enjoy the beautiful colonial Spanish architecture of Havana during the day, then test out the famous daiquiris and salsa all night long to some live music. Although travel to Cuba is open to US travelers, there are some stipulations, so consult with a travel agent or do some extensive research of your own before booking.


4. Nassau,Bahamas: Less than a two-hour direct flight away from a tropical vacay? Yes, please. You can’t help but be charmed by the miles of gorgeous beaches, world-class snorkeling and brightly painted British architecture along Bay Street. There are some amazing all-inclusive resorts where you can book three- or four-night honeymoon packages, but there are also some seriously stunning Airbnb properties that make for the perfect quick getaway.

Travelers in Teotihuacan, Mexico

5. Mexico City, Mexico: The capital city is booming with arts, history, entertainment and a growing culinary scene. If you’re a duo of artists, swing in and check out the Frida Kahlo Museum. If you’re history buffs, hike through the ancient city of Teotihuacan, which contains the largest pre-Columbian pyramids in all of Mexico.

Exploring their natural environment

6. Vancouver, Canada: If you and your new hubby are the athletic-type, why not head north to the home of the 2010 Winter Olympics? Hit up the Richmond Olympic Experience, the first North American Olympic Museum from the International Olympics Committee, or stroll through Whistler Olympic Plaza, stopping by cafes and local shops and hanging out where the Olympians did. To get outdoorsy yourself, visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

7. Bermuda: With direct two-and-a-half hour flights from several major US cities and especially good deals from the Northeast, Bermuda is the forgotten island getaway you should add back onto your radar — stat. The island’s mix of British heritage and calypso Caribbean influence will make you feel worlds away, and the pink-sand beaches are the perfect spot for you and your new spouse to relax hand-in-hand.

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