Maybe you got distracted by Apple’s new iPhone, or you’ve just been hounding rumor sites looking for more updates on the iPhone 8/10/?, but Apple released the public version of iOS 10.3, and there’s some cool stuff in there. In case you haven’t already gone all Nancy Drew and figured out your phone’s new secrets, here’s what you can do.

1. Use Siri for more. Apple just made it easier for app developers to integrate things like bill paying and scheduling rideshares in advance with Siri (just make sure you live in one of these cities). It probably won’t be long until Siri can just automate everything for us.

2.Quit panicking over a “lost” car. You could already find your parked car (if you have a car with Apple’s CarPlay) in Apple Maps, because the app would generously drop a pin on the spot where you parked, but now you can manually find it by searching “parked car.” Some things are just nice to do yourself.

3. Say au revoir to calendar junk. You can finally delete those spam calendar invites — and report them! No more weird workarounds.

4. Quit thinking your AirPods are gone forever. You can find your AirPods with Find My iPhone. You can also see the pods’ last location. Yes, they’re tiny, but you don’t need to be so worried about losing them anymore.

6. Get the forecast in Maps. Apple Maps now has a quick action where you can 3D press the current temperature icon in the bottom right and it will show you the forecast for the location you’re viewing.

7. Watch your rentals anywhere. If you’re out and about and learn that the movie you’ve been dying to see is finally available to rent, you don’t have to wait until you’re home to do it. You can rent from your iPhone on the go, and it’ll be sitting pretty on your AppleTV when you get home. Or your iPad, if that’s what you’d prefer.

These features are definitely useful, and we’re excited to do more with our iPhones. Now we’re just left to wonder what comes next.

What are your favorite features? What features do you hope to see in iOS 11? Tell us @BritandCo!

(Photos via Getty + Uber)