For the first time since the introduction of Touch ID, Apple has changed the iPhone’s signature Home button. Instead of a mechanical key, the Home button is now capacitive, meaning it only responds to touch rather than a physical press. Now working behind the scenes is Apple’s Taptic Engine. According to AppleInsider, the Taptic Engine is a fusion of capacitive touch and haptic feedback to create something resembling a button press (think the 3D Touch feature).

This new Home button poses two different problems: using the iPhone with gloves and resetting the iPhone. Many users are frustrated by the lack of a physical Home button, as it will mean using plain gloves with the iPhone will be impossible. The Home button should work with capacitive gloves however, which have already been around for years to use on phone screens. However, since there is no pressure sensor, it would not work with a non-capacitive stylus.

Woman holding a new iPhone 6 Space Gray.

Previously, to do a hard reset on the iPhone, you would hold down the power button and the Home button. But since the Home button has been completely revamped, so has the reset process. Now you’ll need to hold down the power button and then the volume down button to fix an unresponsive iPhone.

But, oh man, we kind of miss the old Home button.

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