Fun fact: Issey Miyake‘s limited-edition “Message” collection features handbags, accessories and tops in the traditional color of Japanese lacquerware in celebration of the holidays. But what’s even more interesting is that the collection is also a typeface that you are free to use on all of your holiday greetings. Yup, to give these Holiday 2014 giftables a more festive and techy edge, the brand has created its own animated typography using products from the collection.

Some of the letters might look abstract, but once you see the animated version that will all be cleared up. (Just pray for the sake of your bank account that your friends and family don’t add any of these products to their wish list once they see that “M” stole, “T” turtle neck top and “U” necklace.)

Ready to send your own holiday message? Go to Issey Miyake’s site. Type your message in the box, confirm and hit “okay.” The receiver can view by either downloading an animated video or by clicking a link that will be attached to your message. So go ahead — try one for yourself. It might end up being how you send all of your holiday greetings this year.

What other collections would you like to see as typefaces? Cast your votes in the comments below!