For those who aren’t into sparkling waters like LaCroix and Bubly, there’s a new fruit-flavored still water available thanks to Jaden Smith, founder of JUST Water. JUST’s newest product, JUST Infused, comes in organic lemon, tangerine, and apple cinnamon. All the waters are 100% spring water sourced from Upstate New York, contain no added sugars or chemicals, and feature the essence of the fruit. So instead of adding a lemon juice concentrate to the water, the flavors are made by boiling the distilled water with herbs, spices, fruits, and rinds.

JUST Water has quickly become the go-to hydration method for celebrities ranging from Queen Latifah to Kylie Jenner. Each carton of JUST is packaged in a paper-based carton made of 82% renewable resources. And the best part? It’s surprisingly cheap, running about $2 per carton. We got a chance to sample the new flavors to give you the low-down.

Organic Lemon

We expected this to taste more like fresh juicy lemon water. Instead, the rind flavor is pretty forward. Some might love that taste as it’s kind of reminiscent of spa water. Others may find it a little bitter.

Organic Tangerine

This is our absolute favorite of the bunch as the flavor was bright, crisp, juicy, and super refreshing.

Organic Apple Cinnamon 

If you’re a cinnamon gum chewer, you’re going to love this. There’s a perfect kiss of cinnamon, and the apple flavor is fresh and juicy without being sweet.

Overall, JUST Infused Water will please your palate and may help encourage you to stay hydrated.

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(Photo via JUST Water)