Christmas is officially upon us. ‘Tis the season of holiday parties, eggnog, candy canes and gifting galore. And with the latter comes a fair share of wrapping. While some might find it kind of therapeutic to wrap presents (guilty), it’s a daunting task for others. But can we all just agree that a gift looks so much better wrapped than in a bag with some sad tissue paper stuffed inside? If you’re determined to make your gifts look great but also spend as little time possible doing the holiday chore, we highly recommend you take a look at how the Japanese wrap gifts.

This clip of a store clerk wrapping gifts with Olympic-level speed at Takashimaya Department Store in Japan went viral a couple years ago, and we can see why. He has turned the task into an art. Honestly, we could watch a full hour of this. He moves a little too quickly to really understand what he’s doing step-by-step, but luckily, another Youtuber has broken the process down in an easy-to-follow video:

Best of luck to you, all you Christmas elves.

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(Photo via Mint Images/Getty)