We’re all about using coffee pods in our Keurig; that’s been around for a long time. But the option to get cold-brew iced coffee from a pod is next level. Now that option is available thanks to Java House, and we’re overcome with excitement. Being our own barista has never felt so cool. Literally.

Java House launched its Authentic Cold Brew Coffee in the form of dual-use liquid pods that can be served hot or cold. To make it hot, place a pod into a single-serve brewer (aka Keurig) for a rich yet smooth cup of joe — with no bitterness. To enjoy cold, peel open a pod, pour over ice, and add eight ounces of water. Sounds easy enough to us. FYI, like many coffee pods, these are not sweetened, but you can add your fave syrup or whatnot if you wish.

Order one of the four varieties: Colombian, Ethiopian, Sumatran, and Decaf in a three-pack ($5), six-pack ($9), or 12-pack ($16) online on the Java House website or find them at Walmart.

As trendy as cold brew has become in the last few years, it’s pretty exciting to know it’s now easily accessible and affordable. Meaning, of course, we’re going to be drinking more of it than ever. We particularly love the idea of traveling with these little pods. They’re small enough to fit in your purse and can go through TSA with no issues. You can pour them directly in your water bottle or add to water and ice on the airplane. The days of bad, overpriced coffee are over!

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(Images via Java House)