We’ve written about moving photography a couple of times, but we’re extra impressed with Strasbourg-based photographer Julien Douvier‘s cinemagraphs that depict the living, breathing aspects of both city life and nature. Parts of the image remain quietly still, while others (like a river current or tall grasses) move normally. It’s all in the details, and every image feels like a story.

Julien is a 24-year-old graphic designer living in France. His thoughtful and cozy images had us assuming he was more advanced in his years. Old soul? We’re guessing so.

To shoot his images, he uses a Canon 600D, a tripod, Sony Vegas Pro and Photoshop.

But don’t expect a new animated image to come out daily. Julien is all about quality over quantity. So we’ll just sit tight and not-so-patiently wait for the next picture-perfect creation to hit his website.

You can see more of Douvier’s work on his Tumblr. Any favorites?