As any parent will tell you, welcoming a child into your life is more than just a momentous event: It also takes a heck of a lot of work, whether that little one arrives through natural methods, by C-section, with the help of a surrogate, or by adoption. Actress Kate Hudson, who has two kids of her own to speak of, has found herself in hot water after speaking out on the subject in a surprising way, offering up a comment on childbirth that rubbed many fans the wrong way.

Appearing on the cover of Cosmopolitan’s October issue, the 38-year-old actress answered simple prompted questions, like what the last pic she took on her phone was (“A bee sting on the back of my son’s neck… ouch!” in case you were wondering), and how shaving her head wound up being the ultimate workout hack.

It was her answer for “The laziest thing she’s ever done,” however, that’s drawing major ire. “Have a C-Section!” she wrote.

According to E!, Hudson was referring to the birth of son Ryder back in 2004. Reportedly, things weren’t moving along as quickly as the Fabletics creator had expected after being induced for labor, so the business mogul was told that she could go home. Not wanting to deal with the waiting paparazzi, she reportedly asked for a C-section instead.

While the fact that she chose to have her son this way may have seemed like an easy-out to the actress, who likely made the comment in harmless jest, many women who have gone through the sometimes necessary surgery (the CDC reports that C-sections account for 32 percent of all births in the US) were offended.

The sentiments were similar over on Instagram, where comments included, “I don’t know what sort of C-section you had, but the one I had was far from lazy! I had all plans to go natural and was 10cm dilated and pushing for hours until I had my baby come out via emergency c section. It was soo painful for weeks and I struggled to even lift my baby for days. I really hope your comment was a joke.” Oof!

While Hudson has every right to view her own birthing experiences in any way that she desires, this particular sentiment is definitely causing a headache for the Sister star, who may need to nip this controversy in the bud, and quick.

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