What is it about handheld food that just soothes the soul? From tacos and burritos to gyros and pitas, there’s something about your dinner being wrapped in carbs that eliminates just about any of your day’s stressors. If you’ve been looking for a burrito-style meal that encompasses all of your favorite Indian flavors, you need to hear more about the kathi (or kati) roll. The India-born street food consists of a savory filling rolled in paratha bread, which isn’t unlike a tortilla. Intrigued? Check out the recipes below to get some direction on how to make this comforting classic.

1. Vegetable Kathi Roll: One advantage of kathi rolls is that they freeze really well. Make a big batch of these whole wheat veggie options, and you can pop one in the microwave any time you need a quick snack. (via Sharmis Passions)

2. Fried Tenders Kati Rolls: If you’re having trouble getting the kiddos to try new cuisines, throw in a fried chicken tender and you’re good to go. This version doesn’t have too much spice, so even picky eaters will chow down. (via Curious Nut)

3. Egg Kathi Roll: You won’t feel the need to stop for breakfast with these egg-filled kathi rolls in the fridge. Serve with a generous dose of ketchup, and you’ll stay full and satisfied all morning long. (via Yummy Indian Kitchen)

4. Spicy Potato Kathi Roll: Instead of reaching for a chicken breast to fill your kathi roll, try a hearty vegetarian option like spicy potatoes. To add crunch, top with a fresh carrot, cabbage, and bell pepper slaw. (via Spice Up the Curry)

5. Mini Paneer Kathi Rolls: Mini kathi rolls make a great starter for your monthly dinner party. If you’re pressed for time, feel free to use store-bought wraps to make the prep a little easier on yourself. (via Delicious. Magazine)

6. Paneer Kathi Rolls: Paneer is a common kathi filling that you’ll find in various different forms. This healthy recipe pairs it with cucumber, lettuce, and tomato along with a spicy garlic-ginger coating. (via Ruchi’s Kitchen)

7. Easy Kati Roll: If this is your first foray into the world of kathi rolls, this recipe will ease you in. You probably have everything you need already (think: whole wheat tortilla and curry powder), and it only takes as long as it does to grill your chicken breast. (via Indian Simmer)

8. Chickpea and Spinach Curry Rolls With Apricot Chutney: When you want to take your kathi one step further, turn to the deep fryer. These chickpea and spinach rolls are wrapped up tightly and fried eggroll style for a crispy snack you’ll crave *constantly.* (via Marley Spoon)

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