Katy Perry may be earning a reputation as a politically aware celeb, but now it seems as if she may need a little enlightenment in other aspects of her life. That is, if her latest Instagram post is any indication. Because it not only shows a certain religious insensitivity; it’s also totally offended her fans.

Katy Perry

Granted, we all get in strange moods and from time to time want to share that with the folks around us. A cheeky meme or pointed GIF usually does the trick. But using an image of another religion’s sacred icon? Um, not such a good idea.

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current mood

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While we’re well aware of Perry’s feelings toward her own Christian upbringing, that doesn’t excuse the fact that she used an image of the Indian goddess Kali with the caption “current mood” in order to express herself. Seriously, fans were NOT impressed.

Among the more than 11,000 (!) comments left for the star, many were basically along the lines of, “Please Katy !! Don’t use such type of Indian God’s and goddess’ pics to represent our mood..Do you know what this pic means and what’s the story behind it,” and, “Are you serious? You’re using pics of our Goddesses as memes?”

Katy Perry

Although others were willing to give the singer the benefit of the doubt, saying, “She is feeling empowered like Goddess Kali — that’s all she meant!! Don’t always take things in a negative way 😊😊,” and “Hey! No one here is reading what she said ! Current mood Maa Kali! Maybe she has some knowledge of our Gods and Goddesses and knows what they represent !” Hmm. Could Perry in fact be more knowledgeable about other religions than fans at first assumed? She *did* have a Hindu wedding back in the day (although that caused just as much controversy, if not more). However, if that’s the case, a little more context would’ve been helpful.

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