Katy Perry isn鈥檛 exactly known for staying quiet when she has something to say. Though she鈥檚 not apt to dive into drama unnecessarily, she鈥檚 also fully willing to put it out there when she thinks it鈥檚 the right thing to do (sorry, Taylor Swift!). That鈥檚 why Katy has been totally vocal during the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Obviously and vocally a Hillary supporter, Katy has been tuning into every debate and live-tweeting the entire sitch. She was on the ball again last night during the last presidential debate, and her tweets were LIT AF!

Katy Perry

Katy was totally prepped for the debate, even meditating beforehand鈥

And she was sure that Hillary was totally prepped too鈥

Katy was obviously feeling Hillary鈥檚 (stylish and heroic-like) vibe鈥

Not to mention Hillary鈥檚 totally boss ways鈥

Katy was thrilled that 鈥渞eal鈥 issues were being tackled, even if they may be 鈥渦ncomfortable鈥濃

And she was on top of every point鈥

Every word, in fact鈥

And she was LOVING it鈥

And NOT loving other things at all (though she had screenshots to back her up)鈥

And she sure as heck isn鈥檛 going anywhere or sitting down anytime soon (thank goodness!)鈥

But she is prepping a seat for Hillary Clinton鈥

And while we get ready to vote, Katy Perry is getting ready to light 2017 on fire鈥

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(Photos via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)