Kelly Rowland has played many different roles in our pop culture-loving lives. We鈥檝e basically always known her as a singer and forever member of arguably the world鈥檚 hottest girl group (sorry, Spice Girls), Destiny鈥檚 Child, and have been tuning in to see her weekly on Empire this season. Soon she鈥檒l be mentoring young women as they form a new girl group on the upcoming docu-series Chasing Destiny. But her most important role at home is in full force right now as she gears up to celebrate the holidays with one-year-old son Titan and her husband Tim Witherspoon.


This season isn鈥檛 just hustle and bustle with no time to enjoy it for the new(ish) mom. The self-labeled 鈥淐aptain Christmas,鈥 who is working with multi-brand rewards program Plenti on their 鈥35 Days of Plenti Holiday鈥 promotion, talked with Brit + Co about gearing up for the holidays with her young son, shared her gift-giving strategy and dished on why she wants this time of year to feel like a movie (um, can relate).

Brit + Co: How are you getting ready for the holidays, especially with your one-year-old in tow?

Kelly: My husband and I are starting to do a lot of online shopping because we are just getting back into the swing of everything with having our son. I know I鈥檝e been really particular about what gigs I go out for. I am just trying to learn how to balance being a wife, being a mom. The holidays couldn鈥檛 have come at a better time because it will be the first Christmas Titan will understand. But right now he doesn鈥檛 want to help me with the tree. He doesn鈥檛 like the way it feels!

I put our tree up and we鈥檝e gotten so many different popcorns and hot chocolates from people already. We don鈥檛 like to snack a lot because we like to keep everything pretty clean and healthy around here, but come the 20th I am completely going HAM with food 鈥 I鈥檓 so excited! Titan will definitely take on that tradition as well. He鈥檒l be tasting cookies and having hot chocolate and everything with us.

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B+C: Are you a big cook?

Kelly: I like to do a lot of baking around the holidays. It鈥檚 so nice to walk into a house and just smell something in the air. The tree is lit, there is a Christmas movie on. I am completely Captain Christmas!

B+C: What traditions do you plan to do with Titan?

Kelly: We鈥檒l probably make some traditions this year. We like to go to Phoenix with my husband鈥檚 family. Everybody is going to spend the night at my husband鈥檚 mom鈥檚 house, all the kids will wake up and open their presents and we鈥檒l have breakfast. We just really want to make it something. And I think we will take my nieces to The Nutcracker this year, the two who are old enough to go. We鈥檒l go look at lights. I really like for Christmas to feel like a TV show or a movie!

B+C: Will you be doing any crafts for the holidays?

Kelly: I think we鈥檙e gonna try to make a gingerbread house with my nieces on Christmas Day and maybe bake cookies with them as well.

B+C: What is your gift-giving strategy?

Kelly: I like to start with my family and friends that are out of town. I only buy gifts for kids nowadays because adults have everything, but I鈥檒l probably get them a little something. I like to start with the kids: my nieces, my nephews, my Godkids. Especially if they鈥檙e out of town so I can get it shipped to them, and then I take care of everybody that I鈥檒l see on Christmas day.

B+C: What is on your gift list?

Kelly: There is this beautiful Celine blouse that鈥檚 actually on sale! I told my husband. It鈥檚 the most beautiful blouse. It鈥檚 the only thing that I want. I do not spend money on myself in the month of December. It鈥檚 all about giving.

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