Let’s think about a couple of beauty icons who are flooding the web right now: Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift. These two women are both all over fashion and beauty sites, but their style and body types are totally different. Artist Kelsey Higley examined the different extremes of beauty standards and tested them out on herself via Photoshop. The results might just make you think…

The project is called Manipulated, and in it, this Art Media student at the University of Oklahoma pulled and pinched every part of her body, from making her eyes bigger to making her waist smaller, all to take a look at what we deem beautiful.

In her 126-image stop motion video she tracks the ideal beauty standards from four different times in civilization, but a flip through any tabloid will show you that it’s kind of hard to define exactly what’s beautiful week-to-week. In a statement, Kelsey explains: “The work is a commentary on not only these unrealistic idealizations of beauty, but also on women’s desire to be attractive.”

Kelsey said that the video “show[s] my own inner conflict with beauty as I battle with the desire to look like someone else and the acceptance of my natural beauty.” The lesson in all of this? Your body is not a trend or a fashion statement. Take inspiration from Kelsey and you do you!

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(h/t HelloGiggles)