Kendall Jenner has been a supermodel for a number of years now, walking in runway shows around the world and modeling in campaigns for the biggest names in fashion. So she’s certainly worn her fair share of bold hair looks, including ‘90s goddess curls, a short Ruby Rose-inspired crop, and even the slicked-back hair trend. But one thing she’s never done is change her hair color, a shocking fact she revealed in Calvin Klein’s latest ad campaign with all of her famous sisters.

Of course, the world is obsessed with the ads because youngest sister Kylie Jenner appears to be hiding her stomach in every shot, but the family’s game of “Never Have I Ever” was pretty revealing, with Kendall sharing that she’s never dyed her hair.

We know her sisters are fans of dyeing their locks, from Kim Kardashian West debuting two hair changes in one weekend last month, going from blonde to blue and back to blonde again. Khloé Kardashian has also rocked her fair share of hair looks, undergoing a serious hairstyle evolution from dark brown to ombre and now her preferred shade of honey blonde. Then there’s Kylie, who has worn every shade of the rainbow. Even Kourtney has lightened up her locks on occasion. Kendall, on the other hand, has largely kept her signature shade of brunette, though she has been seen with blonde strands in the past.

Remember the time she swapped hair colors with her BFF, Gigi Hadid? Turns out it was all thanks to the magic of wigs. Although she’s tried out a few different shades, it seems she’s totally loyal to the color she was born with, and we dig that.

Still, if she ever wants to go to the blonde side for real, we think she’d look amazing. It’s further proof that this beauty can pull off pretty much anything.

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