It’s the same every new year. We set goals to be smarter, healthier and of course, more organized. Rolling up your sleeves and actually doing it… uh, that sounds hard. And boring. But, getting your ducks in a row doesn’t have to be such a drag. Check it: You have goals to make your life more functional, so we’ve found the prettiest, most inspiring (and ridiculously easy) ways to help you get it done. Let these chic solutions motivate you toward a more clutter-free life overall.


1. Color Blocked Pegboard Workspace: Let his and her creative spaces combine with this colorful pegboard workspace. No more fighting over garage or office territory — this organization station has plenty of room for both of your crafty and handy tools. (via Brit + Co)

beautiful mess

2. Storage Above the Cabinets: Modern wire baskets create more open space and add that much-needed extra storage for all your kitchen goodies. (via A Beautiful Mess)

branch clothing rack

3. Branch Clothing Rack: Sometimes trying to be organized can get you in a style rut. A branch clothing rack is a great way to get creative with your clothing and it’s a super fun way to coordinate your outfits each day. (via Sugar and Cloth)

glass jars

4. Glass Jars: Banish all commercial packaging for a clean, natural effect. You don’t need to hide your baking products behind pantry doors when they’re stored so prettily. (via Ella Claire Inspired)


5. Key Organizer: Smartest. Idea. Ever. How many of us have lost our keys recently? Seriously. All keys need a place to call home and this organizer is perfection. (via A Beautiful Mess)

jar decal

6. Printable Decals: Printable decals are pure magic. Talk about a beautiful (and simple) way to make your pantry pretty. (via The Painted Hive)

inspired by charm

7. Kitchen Pegboard: Pegboard in the kitchen? Never fear. It all works… and fits! (via Inspired by Charm)


8. Martha Stewart Garage Collection: Garages are just a catch-all for clutter, right? We’re super inspired by this chic garage transformation. Bye bye, grungy garage. Hello, happy workspace. (via A Beautiful Mess)

crate shelving

9. Crate Shelving: Even the biggest bathrooms seem to lack the appropriate amount of storage space. Put those empty crates to good use and fill ’em up with rolled towels + other bathroom essentials. (via A Beautiful Mess)

bobby pins

10. DIY Bobby Pin Case: Bobby pins, bobby pins — they’re everywhere. Put an end to it. (via Lovely Indeed)

nail polish shelves

11. Nail Polish Shelves: Yep, we’re obsessed with pretty polishes. But what we’re clearly not crazy about is the untidy jumble of polishes cluttering up our bathroom drawers. These chic shelves are the perfect storage solution. (via A Beautiful Mess)

pegboard laundry

12. Pegboard Wall: One last pegboard idea, because we simply couldn’t resist. What a great way to get all that cleaning stuff up off the floor. PS, click through to see how this creative gal totally added a pattern and print element to her washer/dryer combo using electrical tape. (via A Beautiful Mess)

13. Clip It: Any desk is bound to get messy at some point, but there are certain things that you need to have on hand 24/7. These DIY clip on organizers keep papers and notes altogether and easy to access. (via Brit + Co)

14. Color Block Mood Board: That measly corkboard not quite jiving with your style? How about this awesome, free-standing mood board that you can paint a whole variety of colors and patterns. (via A Beautiful Mess)

15. Triangular Wall Storage System: Make more room on your desk by taking your organization vertical. We love this geometric pattern that doubles as super cool wall art. (via Brit + Co)

16. Terrarium Desk Organizer: Space-saving projects are always in style, and this desk caddy with room for your little air plants is perfectly pretty. (via A Beautiful Mess)

17. Jewelry Organizer: Keep all your bits and bobs organized with this super simple DIY. Feel free to paint the old frame for a bright pop of color. (via Brit + Co)

18. Wood Jewelry Blocks: Tired of tangled beads and baubles? Your favorite accessories just found a new home. (via Emily Henderson)


19. Pegboard Tool Wall: Pegboard in the kitchen, pegboard in the craft room and pegboard in the garage shed too. It’s amazing how those little holes make life so much simpler. (via ELLE Decoration)

20. DIY Painted Basket: A painted basket is a frugal yet stylish way to update your home storage. Use it to corral umbrellas, toys, paper products or even laundry. (via Apartment Therapy)

21. Letter Shelf-Turned-Charging Station: Functional and it saves space? This hack is at the top of our to-DIY list. (via Apartment Therapy)

22. Tension Rod Storage: Who knew your cleaning products could look so cool? Conquer under-the-sink chaos and clutter with the help of a humble little tension rod. Suddenly cleaning doesn’t seem so daunting. (via Martha Stewart)

23. DIY Ladder Wardrobe: Lots of clothes but little closet space? This DIY should do the trick. (via A Pair and a Spare)

24. Magnetic Knife Strip: Proudly display your collection of knives and keep them within reach. After all, this is a workspace and chefs need their tools handy too. (via Design Sponge)

25. Wall Mounted Craft Paper Roll: Okay, so ideally you’ll be jotting down words like “milk” as you’re downing the last drops from the carton, but this easily accessible oversized pad is also a great tool for love letters, scheduling info, brainstorming sessions and random note jotting. (via Design Milk)

26. Baskets and Bins: You can stuff carry-all bins and baskets with all the things: blankets, books, magazines, papers, dishes, shoes, you name it. Then, if you need to move them, you just carry the whole bin and everything stays neatly organized inside. (via Primitive and Proper)

27. Easy Access Storage: Paperwork, bills and receipts — every home office has ’em. Keep things clean and easy to access by storing them on a bookshelf in neat little folders and boxes. (via Best Friends for Frosting)

28. DIY Industrial Pipe Shelving: DIY this gorgeous shelving unit and give your pantry a major makeover. (via DIY Showoff)

30. Pretty Drawers: Wallpaper hides the ugly drawer sides and makes you actually want to organize what’s inside. (via Bright & Bold)

31. Wooden Crate Shelving: Empty storage space can be as simple as a few crates. (via The Design Chaser)

32. Oversized Chalkboard: Save up for an oversized chalkboard (or paint one on the wall) to help you stay organized. It’s perfect for doodling, to-dos or writing lists for the rest of the fam. (via Maple Leaves & Sycamore Trees)

33. Organized Wardrobe: We’re totally crushing on this fabulous wardrobe. Those neatly hung and stacked clothes, all within a united color scheme, make getting dressed a dream. (via Stylizimo Blog)

34. Dresser Drawers: Those drawers don’t have to be a catch-all for everything from photos to mismatched pajamas. IKEA’s Skubb boxes are an inexpensive way to divide larger drawers into sections and keep all your garments neat and folded. (via Two Twenty One)

Which of these hacks are you planning to implement for a more organized home? Please tell us *and* tag us!