Maybe it鈥檚 because part of us refuses to grow up, but here at Brit + Co, we can鈥檛 stop playing with LEGOs. We even have a giant LEGO sculpture right in the office. So when we heard about a guy in Germany who built a LEGO wall in his office, we couldn鈥檛 help but virtually high-five him.

Gilg, who works at a German art studio, was getting a little frustrated with a problem going on at work: There was clutter everywhere. Clutter from the company kitchen kept creeping over into the office space, and he just didn鈥檛 want to look at that while he worked.

鈥淚 had the only right and obvious thought,鈥 he told Metro, a British newspaper. 鈥淲e need a LEGO wall to be able to hide all the empty containers and garbage behind them.鈥 Obvious? Maybe not. Better than a passive-aggressive note left in the company kitchen? Absolutely.

It took 55,000 LEGOs to build the wall, cost roughly $2,485 and took about a year to complete. Best of all, the wall is doing its job of hiding that annoying clutter. Building a LEGO wall is just way more fun than cleaning, wouldn鈥檛 you say?

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(h/t Metro)