We’re not going to get into the grand debate over whether there should or should not be a kids table. For all intents and purposes, today, there most definitely should be a kids table. Here are 13 ideas to give those youngsters something to do over at the “fun” table.

1. Paper Tablecloth: All kids love to color, and we might even admit to some doodling ourselves. Exchange a fancy fabric tablecloth for a big piece of butcher paper and you’ve got a giant doodle pad that will keep them busy for hours. (via Dimples and Tangles)

2. Turkey Printables: Printables are easy to find and make a simple activity to fill in the gap of time between arrival and turkey time. (via Handmade Charlotte)

3. Artist Place Cards: These place cards are so pretty that you’ll probably want to ask the kids to make enough for everyone. (via Camille Styles)

4. Chalkboard Table Runner: Switch out crayons for chalk and use black paper on your table that will act as a chalkboard for dinner time creativity. (via Studio DIY)

5. Treat Filled Pie: Make sure that the kids like the dessert by giving them their own paper pie, filled with CANDY. (via Fiskars)

6. I Spy: Send the kids on an adventure outdoors with a camera and a shot list. The first back with a complete list doesn’t have to help clean up. (via The Wedding Ring)

7. Colorful Pencils: Don’t just give them something to color on. Colorize their coloring utensils, too. (via Bling Bling)

8. Printable Placemats: Remember how easy printables are? Let them eat on their artwork by giving them a placemat they can color in. (via Mom.me)

9. Popcorn Filled Turkey: Put this snack worthy turkey on the table and prevent any questions about when dinner will be ready. (via One Charming Party)

10. Paper Table: One common denominator between all kids is mess. Avoid a sticky cleanup by using paper and plastic table settings and decor that you can fold up and toss. (via Armelle)

11. Coloring Pages: Whether you find them online or scan and print them from a book, coloring pages and crossword puzzles are a classic kid activity. (via Something Turquoise)

12. Kids’ Activities: Cover the kids’ table in bubbles, stickers and play dough and you probably won’t see them until it’s time to leave. (via Style Me Pretty)

13. Christmas Creations: Leave your young guests a bucket full of Christmas sweetness and your party won’t be one they’ll forget quickly. (via Simply Sweet Soirees)

Do you have any ideas for an epic kids table? Tell us about them below!