Ever get so frustrated with your living room that you’d like to throw your furniture around in protest? With Dice furniture, you’re actually supposed to do that, but it’s the furthest thing from frustrating. The Japanese designers at Torafu Architects have created modular pieces of furniture that change function depending on how you roll the dice, so to speak. Needless to say, we’re kind of flipping out.

This furniture is versatile, making it absolutely perfect for kids. It grows and changes just like they do. It also includes child-friendly design elements like rounded edges, as well as protective (and colorful) rubber edges. Plus, it’ll help you reach those diapers you threw way up at the top of the closet. Dice can be a little coloring desk for your toddler one moment and a modern shelving unit the next. And when your kid is going off to college, they can use it for a little stool in their dorm room. (They grow up so fast, don’t they?)

Dice is set to be manufactured by furniture makers at Tanseisha, but they have not yet shared a date for when the product will be available for purchase. So keep your eyes peeled for the furniture that might make up your future home.

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