Just when we thought that Kim K couldn鈥檛 top herself after sharing a full frontal nudie on Instagram and THEN shutting down the haters on Twitter, she proves she鈥檚 a master at controlling conversations鈥 that is, when the subject matter is herself.

Usually, when Mrs. Kanye West breaks the Internet, she tends to remain pretty tight-lipped post explosion. But today? Today, Kim struck back at naysayers via her Twitter account in a way we weren鈥檛 quite expecting.

Using the hashtag #Liberated, Kim tweeted out another nude photo in the wee hours of the morning 鈥 although this image appears to be a bit older as her hair is longer and dark. But what we鈥檙e REALLY wondering is: What is Kim telling us? We think it鈥檚 that she鈥檚 feeling gorgeous and empowered as a mom of two little babes, and she isn鈥檛 afraid to show off her assets to the world. She gives no effs about your feelings, and she鈥檚 showing just how much she loves herself.

And we鈥檙e totally into this way of thinking.

If anything today, let鈥檚 take a page from the book of Kim Kardashian and love ourselves just a little bit more. Here鈥檚 to feeling free and gorgeous in our own skin.

Thanks, Kimmy!

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(Photo via Frederick M Brown/Getty)