Whether or not you actually enjoy cooking doesn’t matter; these gadgets will make you really excited to be in your kitchen. Do you really need them? We’ll stop asking silly questions. Obviously, that’s never stopped us before. And one thing is certain: They’ll all make our lives a whole lot easier. Get ready for them. Here come 10 kitchen gadgets –– mostly small, but all with big purposes.

1. Herb Keeper ($21): We love fresh herbs as much as the next person, but we hate when they go bad after only a few days. Considered a must-have in the Brit + Co. test kitchen, this herb keeper helps make your herb of choice last way longer… meaning more delicious herb-enhanced meals. We also really like the word “herb,” just FYI.

2. Egg Minder ($70): We’ve made you look at this before. So why are we bringing it up again? This is modern technology at its best, kids. The Egg Minder wirelessly connects to your phone and actually tracks the number of eggs that you currently have and tells you when they’re going bad. You’ll never go egg-less again.

3. Smart Touch Can Opener ($20): Sometimes, opening a can is a little scary, especially when the lid falls inside the can. The Smart Touch twists off any cap or lid (seriously cans and bottles of all shapes and sizes) with ease and no cut fingers.

4. Squish Collapsible Splatter Shield ($20): Stove splatter is one of those irritating things we just viewed as an unavoidable by-product of sautéing… until now. The Splatter Shield is used over hot skillets to catch grease and hot oil before it gets all over your walls, fridge, counter top, etc.

5. Avocado Saver ($6): If you’re an avocado lover (we don’t know many who aren’t), you will obsess over this simple device. Just put half of your avocado pit face down onto the base of the AvoSaver and secure it with its adjustable strap. Air exposure is then reduced, and freshness time is extended. Boom.

6. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker ($30): When we first saw this device, our mouths started to water and we felt some major Egg McMuffin urges. A machine that helps you assemble the perfect breakfast sandwich at home? Yes, please.

7. Zoku Quick Pop Maker ($50): Ice pops are underrated. But once you try out this Quick Pop machine, you’ll only crave the delicious (and healthy) frozen dessert. We’re thinking of ways we can mix it up with different juices and fruits right now. Colorful Gatorade pop, anyone?

8. The Kitchen Safe ($50): This “why didn’t we think of that?” device debuted on Kickstarter, and we’re not surprised that it became an overnight success. Basically, set the lock timer –– anywhere from one minute to ten days –– no overrides, no resets. So yeah, if you lock food in this container, make sure you really want to wait.

9. One Stop Chop Cutting Board ($39): Brilliant, just brilliant. This multi-purpose cutting board makes it easy to cut and store everything you’re chopping, all in once place, which also cuts down on space and dirty dishes. It’s a must for a shortcut chef.

10. The Pop-Up Egg Maker ($40): We like eggs… can you tell? This Pop-Up machine is the lazy man’s (or woman’s) way of making eggs. All you do is pour the beaten mixture (with or with out other veggies, chicken, etc.) into the vertical chamber and about six to eight minutes later… egg roll up in the house.

What kitchen gadgets do you obsess over? Talk to us in the comments below!