Here’s the latest Jetsons-esque kitchen appliance to come to life: Egg Minder, a smart egg tray that keeps track of your egg inventory, ensuring you’ll never be in a scramble for brunch ingredients ever again! (Hiyo!)

The 14-slot egg tray wirelessly connects with your smartphone to track how many eggs you have on hand and tell you when they’re going bad, which makes checking expiration dates a thing of the past. Instead, bright blue LED lights in the center of the tray indicate which egg is the oldest so you can use that one first.

You can even check Egg Minder on your phone to see just how many eggs are sitting safe and sound in the fridge, so don’t bother counting the contents of your carton before you head to the market. Or if you’re seriously egg-sessed, you can even set up push notifications to tell you when you should buy more.

We can’t help but think that this kitchen gadget would be an egg-cellent helper for hardcore bakers or breakfast buffs. But at $70 a pop, it seems hard to justify if eggs aren’t a part of your everyday diet. Regardless, we’re still obsessed with this idea—and Quirky’s other inventive culinary-focused creations—that aims to make the kitchen a more efficient and imaginative place.

Would you purchase an Egg Minder? Are there any other cool kitchen gadgets that we should know about? Tell us in the comments below!