Shopping for skincare that really delivers can be pretty tough, especially if you’re on a budget. Instead of roaming the drugstore aisles, rummage through your kitchen pantry instead. These standard pantry staples have some serious skin benefits… and can save you some cash to put toward your next favorite lipstick.


1. Cornstarch ($9): Applying a bit of cornstarch to your face helps absorb oil and shine. It can also be added to lip stains to make them look matte and to mascaras for a serious Kim-K look. (via Brit + Co)


2. Cinnamon: This spice helps clear the complexion, treating blemishes and helping to stimulate hair growth. (via Pretty Plain Janes)


3. Brown Sugar: If you’re looking for a gentle exfoliator, brown sugar is perfect. It’s softer than regular sugars, but strong enough to scrub away dead skin cells and make way for the healthier, glowing skin to show through. (via Brit + Co)

4. Olive Oil: Olive oil is just as versatile on your skincare shelf as it is in your kitchen. Use it to condition hair and remove eye makeup and mix it with used coffee grinds for a moisturizing exfoliant. (via Country Living)


5. Ice: If you’re experiencing inflamed, puffy skin, open your freezer and empty out that ice tray. Wet the ice and wrap it in a clean washcloth and gently press against skin, focusing on the inflamed area and the areas around your eyes. We love adding aloe vera and applying the cubes to our skin. It soothes tired, blotchy skin and also works to reduce eye redness. (via Delighted Momma)

6. Chamomile Tea: If you’re a little iffy about applying ice to your skin, reach for warm chamomile tea bags instead. Brew a cup to enjoy, and once the used bags have cooled, wrap them in a paper towel and apply to your under-eye area. (via Homegrown Kitchen)


7. Garlic: Not only is garlic great for your health, but it’s also perfect for treating acne. Mix up some garlic with some diluted tea-tree oil for a seriously strong spot treatment. (via Everyday Roots)


8. Lemons: Citrus-infused skincare products are everywhere, but it turns out that the real thing is cheaper and just as effective. Lemons can be used to brighten skin, whiten teeth and even treat blackheads and (non-erupted) blemishes. (via StyleCraze)

9. Honey: Some acne is temporary, but the scarring that it can leave behind tends to stick around for a little longer. Honey can help to moisturize, treat acne scars, soften hair and much more. (via LiveStrong)

10. Strawberries: Whitening teeth can be pretty expensive, and some of the ingredients can irritate the gums and enamel. Reach for something a little more natural instead: Take some baking soda and some mashed strawberries and mix together for a wonderful at-home whitener. (via Herbal Remedy)

11. Oatmeal: It’s one of our go-to meals in the morning and also a natural skincare staple. It’s perfect for lightening skin, treating acne and restoring moisture to dry, itchy skin. (via Hello Natural)

12. Sugar: Don’t let your chapped lips prevent you from rocking a bright spring lipstick! Take some sugar and gently rub onto lips for a quick, gentle exfoliating session. (via Brit + Co)

13. Turmeric: Not only does this spice have amazing healing properties, it’s also a great beauty product. It helps to even out skin tone and diminish wrinkles, and helps with inflammatory issues. (via Hello Natural)

Do you use any kitchen products in your skincare routine? Tell us in the comments!