OMG: 16 Pieces of Knitted Food Art Good Enough to Instagram
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OMG: 16 Pieces of Knitted Food Art Good Enough to Instagram

In the age of Instagram, you’re likely barraged with pictures of food that looks too pretty to eat. That perfect runny egg yolk on toast. That caramel-swirled ice cream with flecks of sea salt. That cronut with glazed bacon on top. Despite their good looks, you can (and should) eat those things. A few artists around the globe, however, have taken it upon themselves to create food that is literally too pretty to eat, crocheting, knitting and sewing Pinterest-perfect meals with a needle and thread. Here are 16 of our favorite not-so-edible pieces.


1. Bowl of Ramen: This is not your dorm room ramen. Don’t you dare forget those soft boiled eggs! (via Neatorama)

2. Carton of Eggs: Based in Australia and Scandinavia, this artist is creating playful wool banquets and everyday scenes that almost look digestible. (via Thomas C. Chung)

3. Junk Food: Why yes, we will indulge in potato chips, pizza and fries today. (via Thomas C. Chung)

4. Donut: This cute pink donut can double as a pin cushion! (via The Jealous Curator)

5. Full English Breakfast: Squint your eyes just a bit and Jessica Dance’s work almost looks like real life. She collaborated with a photographer to create almost editorial-like scenes. (via Jessica Dance)

6. Fish + Chips: Sequins?! We’re in love. (via Kate Jenkins)

7. Hot Dog: That dog’s extra hot because it’s wearing a sweater. Obvs. (via Jessica Dance)

8. Sewshi: A girl after our own hearts, she uses puns like the best of ’em. This sewshi piece is pretty dang adorable. (via Kate Jenkins)

9. Meat Grinder: Ew, but also awesome? You decide. (via Juxtapoz)

10. Burger + Fries: Good luck trying to wash the taste of wool out of your mouth when you inevitably forget this isn’t a real burger. (via Jessica Dance)

11. Fried Eggs + Beans on Toast: Simple and classic, this crocheted breakfast would be perfect over your retro dining table. (via Kate Jenkins)

12. Sunday Roast: That better be real wine, because we need to give a major toast to this artist. (via Jessica Dance)

13. The Wool Patisserie: NOM. (via Kate Jenkins)

14. Takeout: We’re loving this Chinese food piece almost as much as we love our neighborhood Chinese delivery guy. (via Laughing Squid)

15. Butcher Shop: A perfect vegetarian/carnivore compromise? (via Bout de Ficelle)

16. Red Mullet Fish: Between those sequined fish scales and beautiful plating, we’d trade our actual dinner just to get a good look at this one in person. (via Kate Jenkins)

What food would you like to learn to knit? Let us know in the comments!