In the age of Instagram, you’re likely barraged with pictures of food that looks too pretty to eat. That perfect runny egg yolk on toast. That caramel-swirled ice cream with flecks of sea salt. That cronut with glazed bacon on top. Despite their good looks, you can (and should) eat those things. A few artists around the globe, however, have taken it upon themselves to create food that is literally too pretty to eat, crocheting, knitting and sewing Pinterest-perfect meals with a needle and thread. Here are 16 of our favorite not-so-edible pieces.

1. Bowl of Ramen: This is not your dorm room ramen. Don’t you dare forget those soft boiled eggs! (via Neatorama)

2. Carton of Eggs: Based in Australia and Scandinavia, this artist is creating playful wool banquets and everyday scenes that almost look digestible. (via Thomas C. Chung)

3. Junk Food: Why yes, we will indulge in potato chips, pizza and fries today. (via Thomas C. Chung)

4. Donut: This cute pink donut can double as a pin cushion! (via The Jealous Curator)

5. Full English Breakfast: Squint your eyes just a bit and Jessica Dance’s work almost looks like real life. She collaborated with a photographer to create almost editorial-like scenes. (via Jessica Dance)

6. Fish + Chips: Sequins?! We’re in love. (via Kate Jenkins)

7. Hot Dog: That dog’s extra hot because it’s wearing a sweater. Obvs. (via Jessica Dance)

8. Sewshi: A girl after our own hearts, she uses puns like the best of ’em. This sewshi piece is pretty dang adorable. (via Kate Jenkins)

9. Meat Grinder: Ew, but also awesome? You decide. (via Juxtapoz)

10. Burger + Fries: Good luck trying to wash the taste of wool out of your mouth when you inevitably forget this isn’t a real burger. (via Jessica Dance)

11. Fried Eggs + Beans on Toast: Simple and classic, this crocheted breakfast would be perfect over your retro dining table. (via Kate Jenkins)

12. Sunday Roast: That better be real wine, because we need to give a major toast to this artist. (via Jessica Dance)

13. The Wool Patisserie: NOM. (via Kate Jenkins)

14. Takeout: We’re loving this Chinese food piece almost as much as we love our neighborhood Chinese delivery guy. (via Laughing Squid)

15. Butcher Shop: A perfect vegetarian/carnivore compromise? (via Bout de Ficelle)

16. Red Mullet Fish: Between those sequined fish scales and beautiful plating, we’d trade our actual dinner just to get a good look at this one in person. (via Kate Jenkins)

What food would you like to learn to knit? Let us know in the comments!