Lovers of hot cocoa, fireside-Saturday-morning-rocking-chair time, and snuggly reading nooks in the attic are in their element. Why? Because knit home decor is trending right now. And there’s probably no easier way to take your home from scary sterile to super cozy than with a big fat knit element. And looky here. Just for you, we’ve gathered up a few points of snug-as-a-bug inspiration. (See also: 15 Yarn Bombs!)

1. Cozy Chairs: Let the audible awwing commence. (via Suki Girl)

2. Chunky Knit Leg Warmers ($15): Cue Flashdance and start knitting away. This is a DIY project for a girl who knows how to work the needles, both the knitting kind and the record-player kind.

3. Textured Comforter: If textures turn you on, chances are, you’re feeling a little hot and bothered right now. (via Ruby Rhino)

4. I.Knit.Lamps: A pineapple-looking light, it’s what you’ve always wanted. This project adds just the right amount of kitsch to any room. (via The Work is Getting to Me)

5. Chair Cover: We love the idea of putting one bright, bold chair at the head of the table in a light, airy breakfast room. (via Casa Therapy)

6. Cotton Baskets: Keeping organized is a constant challenge for a DIY guy or gal. And you can never, ever, ever have enough baskets to throw supplies into. (via Tetti Design)

7. Birdhouse: If only we could shrink ourselves and give ourselves wings. (via Suki Girl)

8. Lazy Lounger: This is a lounger straight out of a country that knows a little something about style, France. If we didn’t know better, we’d think it was part of the Anthropologie furniture collection. (via Design Vox)

9. Flower Knit: Let’s just say that if you can convince someone to knit this stunner for you, they love you very, very much. (via Architecture Art Design)

10. Bassinet: And suddenly, bulky wooden cribs seem so passe. (via Road Trip In Finland)

11. Ribbed Tea Cozy ($7): You absolutely need to make this for your little teapot, short and stout.

12. Cable Rug ($1,600): Personal anecdote: In general, I’m pretty cheap, but I’ve owned this rug for five years now, and I still am amazed by how it feels every time I step on it. If you save your pennies, it’s worth the splurge. Cross my heart. (via Hey Pretty Things)

13. Chandelier: We love the idea of adding a few simple knit elements to a flea-market find, especially something as epic as a chandelier. This really does deserve to be the center of the room and the center of attention. (via Suki Girl)

14. Chunky Throw: There you have it, the very definition of cozy. Can we just wear it around all day every day? (via Au Lit Fine Linens)

15. Dresser Pal: We can think of a million reasons why we want this. Keys are an obvious answer, but we’re thinking that people who live in the arctic tundra would love this as a place to store mittens and hats. Just grab, go, and hit that snow. (via Lutter Idyl)

16. Floor Pillows: A pair of beautiful greyhounds would look pretty darn stunning sitting on these totally swoon-worthy floor pillows. (via La La Lovely)

17. Accent Chair ($500): Your poor neglected bedroom corner. It really could be the star of the room. All it needs is this incredible piece. You call it an accent chair. We call it installation art.

18. Wrapped Cord: Alright, you can’t afford that uberspendy chandelier that you’ve had your eye on for years. But the naked bulb hanging in your living room doesn’t have to lend an interrogation-room vibe to it. Wrap that cord in knitted color and make what seemed like a sad situation happy again (via Interiors Originals)

19. Domestic Trophy: Vegan taxidermy at its finest, folks. (via Rachel Denny)

20. Flower Pots: And because you want to make sure those plants are stamen alive, you knit them a cozy sweater. How nice of you! (via Suki Girl)

21. Knit Stools: If you haven’t heard of Claire O’Brien before, hear about her now. She is truly the Leonardo Da Vinci of the knit world. (via Claire Anne O’Brien)

22. Pencil Holder: Your desk is probably not the homiest space on earth, but hack this little table topper, put on some slippers, and you almost might never want to go home again. (via Nosy Mishka)

23. Colorful Clockwork: Time is ticking. The sooner you get on this DIY project, the sooner your wall will no longer be dull. (via Retro Baby)

24. Knitted Portrait ($158): We are totally obsessed with this. So freaking adorable.

25. Plus Sign Afghan: If Brit + Co. had an official office blanket, this would be it. In fact, talks are in the works with HR as we type. (via Muita Ihania)

Found a needle in the haystack? Let us know where you’re digging up the best in knitted decor in the comments below!