Introducing our brand new online class, Knotted Jewelry Workshop, by the mother-daughter duo of Knotty Gal.


Let’s Get Knotty

Ready to make a knotty statement necklace? In this workshop, you’ll learn how to make three decorative knots — a simple knot, an intermediate knot, and an intricate knot — to ultimately create your own designer-worthy jewelry.

And all in under 20 minutes, believe it or not. The knots may look complicated, but these Knotty Gals make it quite simple to follow along.


Once you’ve knotted up like a pro, you’ll learn jewelry-making basics, like how to add the finishing touches to your final class project: a one-of-a-kind knotted statement necklace.


So go on, you know you want to get knotty!


And don’t forget to grab the Knotted Cord Necklace Kit for 10% off with purchase of class.


Now, let’s meet these makers.

Umm, total #MakerCrush over here. Say hello to Nur-E Gulshan and Nur-E Farhana Rahman. Their company, Knotty Gal, is the direct result of the pair’s desire to support the Bhandari Girls’ School in Bogra, Bangladesh, an institute founded by their great-grandfather in 1962.

Their mission, of course, is to DO GOOD, BE KNOTTY.


So, if you’re drooling over these knotted pieces as much as we are, you should probably treat yourself to a little somethin’ somethin’ from the Knotty Gal collection.

And remember, 10 to 15% of each sale goes directly to the Bhandari Girls’ School, so it really is easy to do some good (by being knotty).

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