We鈥檝e all got that one thing in our closets we just can鈥檛 seem to part with. Whether it鈥檚 a dress that still makes us feel like a million bucks when we put it on or a now-holey pair of jeans that give our rear a lift, they always end up in the 鈥渒eep鈥 pile during our annual spring cleaning. For Kourtney Kardashian, it鈥檚 an essential part of her high school prom outfit.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star recently admitted that she still owns her prom shoes 鈥 the fact that they鈥檙e Gucci heels might have something to do with holding on to the 20-year-old heels.

The 37-year-old posted a shot of the Gucci sandals with wrap-around straps and a buckle detail to Snapchat with the simple caption, 鈥淢y prom shoes from high school.鈥

She certainly isn鈥檛 the only member of the Kardashian clan clinging to her older fashions: Kim Kardashian West also recently copped to saving all her old designer dresses against husband Kanye鈥檚 advice for her daughter North. 鈥淓ven when Kanye thought he cleaned out my closet, I kept it all secretly for my daughter one day,鈥 she said.

Considering Kourtney鈥檚 daughter, Penelope, is only just four, it will be some time before she has a prom of her own, but maybe she鈥檒l also inherit mom鈥檚 killer hand-me-downs someday.

After all, does Gucci really ever go out of style? We think not.

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(h/t People, photos via Jamie McCarthy + John Scuilli/Getty)