The Internet is an amazing thing. Especially when it comes time for #TBT moments. One of the best ways to dive down the throwback tunnel is digging up celebrities during their high school days, prom, graduation and all. While a lot of these looks aren鈥檛 exactly trending right now, we would totally be into some DIY prom recreations of some of these.


1. Beyonc茅: He liked it, so he put a corsage on it. (via Styleite)


2. Taylor Swift: Surely the singer took to the dance floor and shook it all night long. Shake, shake. (via Teen Vogue)


3. Matthew McConaughey: Before Magic Mike聽and that Oscar, the Texan stepped out with his total 鈥80s date for an unforgettable evening.聽(via @leahkpickett)


4. Jimmy Fallon: The Tonight Show聽host鈥檚 date is looking mighty peachy in this ensemble.聽(via @jimmyfallon)

Ellen Degeneres prom photo

5. Ellen DeGeneres: The only lady that could pull off a full-on plaid dress is the talk show host. And even that鈥檚 up for debate. (via Ellen)


6. Michelle Obama: FLOTUS knows how to rock a high slit. (via The Atlantic)


7. Scarlett Johansson + Jack Antonoff: We鈥檝e only got two thoughts for this duo. 1. Just say no to those gold hoops, Scarlett. 2. Where was Lena Dunham?! (via Lost in Scarlett Tumblr)


8. The聽Laguna Beach聽Cast: The whole LBHS gang jumped in for this group shot. Lauren, Lo, Kristen, Jessica, Trey, Dieter + Stephen were totally checking off that senior year checklist. (via @lobosworth)


9. Kim Kardashian: It鈥檚 a shame we weren鈥檛 keeping up with the Kardashians back then. This would have been an entertaining episode.聽(via New York Daily News)


10. Tyra Banks: The model is definitely giving us next top prom queen. (via聽Young Hip + Chic)


11. Danielle Fishel + Lance Bass: Talk about a power late-鈥90s prom duo! Whether the Girl Meets World聽star and *NSYNC band member took home prom queen + king at the dance or not, they definitely receive honorary mentions from us.聽(via @daniellefishel)


12. The聽Full House/Fuller House聽Cast: Most of the cast gathered together to send Andrea Barber off to the dance for literally the best pre-prom party ever. (via @andreabarber)


13. 鈥淪nooki鈥 Nicole Polizzi: Before conquering the shore, the reality show star headed to prom in a classic early 鈥00s look (spray tan and all). (via Snooki Nicole)


14. Josh Duhamel: Yeah, he may have looked聽聽a little confused about where he was going but even with that somewhat-mullet, Fergie鈥檚 husband still could have taken home prom king. (via @joshduhamel)


15. Bethenny Frankel: Pre-Skinny Girl empire, the current Real Housewives of New York聽star rocked the shoulders and corsage at her high school dance.聽(via @bethennyfrankel)

What other celeb prom photos do you want to see? Let us know in the comments.