The Internet is an amazing thing. Especially when it comes time for #TBT moments. One of the best ways to dive down the throwback tunnel is digging up celebrities during their high school days, prom, graduation and all. While a lot of these looks aren’t exactly trending right now, we would totally be into some DIY prom recreations of some of these.


1. Beyoncé: He liked it, so he put a corsage on it. (via Styleite)


2. Taylor Swift: Surely the singer took to the dance floor and shook it all night long. Shake, shake. (via Teen Vogue)


3. Matthew McConaughey: Before Magic Mike and that Oscar, the Texan stepped out with his total ’80s date for an unforgettable evening. (via @leahkpickett)


4. Jimmy Fallon: The Tonight Show host’s date is looking mighty peachy in this ensemble. (via @jimmyfallon)

Ellen Degeneres prom photo

5. Ellen DeGeneres: The only lady that could pull off a full-on plaid dress is the talk show host. And even that’s up for debate. (via Ellen)


6. Michelle Obama: FLOTUS knows how to rock a high slit. (via The Atlantic)


7. Scarlett Johansson + Jack Antonoff: We’ve only got two thoughts for this duo. 1. Just say no to those gold hoops, Scarlett. 2. Where was Lena Dunham?! (via Lost in Scarlett Tumblr)


8. The Laguna Beach Cast: The whole LBHS gang jumped in for this group shot. Lauren, Lo, Kristen, Jessica, Trey, Dieter + Stephen were totally checking off that senior year checklist. (via @lobosworth)


9. Kim Kardashian: It’s a shame we weren’t keeping up with the Kardashians back then. This would have been an entertaining episode. (via New York Daily News)


10. Tyra Banks: The model is definitely giving us next top prom queen. (via Young Hip + Chic)


11. Danielle Fishel + Lance Bass: Talk about a power late-’90s prom duo! Whether the Girl Meets World star and *NSYNC band member took home prom queen + king at the dance or not, they definitely receive honorary mentions from us. (via @daniellefishel)


12. The Full House/Fuller House Cast: Most of the cast gathered together to send Andrea Barber off to the dance for literally the best pre-prom party ever. (via @andreabarber)


13. “Snooki” Nicole Polizzi: Before conquering the shore, the reality show star headed to prom in a classic early ’00s look (spray tan and all). (via Snooki Nicole)


14. Josh Duhamel: Yeah, he may have looked a little confused about where he was going but even with that somewhat-mullet, Fergie’s husband still could have taken home prom king. (via @joshduhamel)


15. Bethenny Frankel: Pre-Skinny Girl empire, the current Real Housewives of New York star rocked the shoulders and corsage at her high school dance. (via @bethennyfrankel)

What other celeb prom photos do you want to see? Let us know in the comments.