We know how much effort you’ve put into designing your gorgeous home or apartment, right up to the front windows and doorstep. Maybe you’ve even souped up your casa to make it as smart as possible. So don’t you think you should protect it with the same amount of care you put in locking up your smartphone? There’s a new company that’s working to make your home safe and smart at the same time, with a futuristic approach to security and break-in prevention.

Meet Kuna. It looks like an outdoor light, but it’s so much more. Kuna is a smart WiFi-enabled camera with a built-in intercom that connects to your smartphone. It detects people coming in and out, alerting you via text when someone — anyone’s at the door. No matter where you are, you can interact with your visitor over your phone. We got a chance to see a demo of Kuna and it’s a renter or homeowner’s solution to not having that dream doorman to monitor the coming and goings of where you live.

If a burglar is loitering around your porch, you can make him think you’re inside by turning on the “intercom” and asking what’s up. If the idea that you might be home doesn’t scare him away, you can send out an alarm signal and help will be on the way to catch the culprit.

Besides straight up security, Kuna functions like a helpful digital doorman too, giving you the option to take care of important packages while you’re away or interact with visitors when they arrive if you’re unable to get to the door immediately. The light Kuna is housed in is smart as well; it will automatically turn on when it gets dark outside, or if someone walks by.

Easy installation (so you, dad, grandma, Uncle Larry etc can bust out of the box and set up no prob), super clear HD video and a giant scope of vision thanks to a wide angle lens help you feel safe and sound, without needing to be constantly vigilant. Kuna just launched their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, offering special pricing starting at $99 for a fixture, which comes in black matte or rubbed bronze styles. The regular price will be around $270. Hey, that’s not too much to pay for peace of mind, don’t you think?

Would you use this smart light to protect your home? Let us know in the comments below!