The outside of your home is the first thing anyone sees, so why not jazz it up all you can? It’s actually a lot easier (we’re talking day projects!) to improve your curb appeal than you might think. We pulled together 22 ways, from modern house numbers to cute mailboxes, to make your house look as fabulous as its inhabitant.

1. Bright Coral Door: While your guests are waiting for you to answer the door, they’re not just going to be standing there. They’re going to be standing there, admiring your awesomely bright and bold front door. (via My Home Ideas)

2. Hot Pink Door: We included this in our collection of summery front doors, but it just had to be shared again. Don’t be afraid of color, people. (via M Scott)

3. DIY Mid-Century Modern House Numbers: Something as minor as switching out your house numbers can make a drastic change to your curb appeal. And believe it or not, this is something you can make yourself. (via Curbly)

4. Cute Front Garden: If you’ve been blessed with a green thumb, put it to work. Plant a garden in your front yard. It will add a whole bunch of life (literally) to your home’s exterior. (via Edible Landscaping with Rosalind Creasy)

5. Beautiful Window Box: We never thought we’d be saying this, but window boxes are the bomb. The one pictured above is quite Downton Abbey-esque. If that’s not your bag, you can always pick out a more modern design. (via About)

6. Polka Dot Mailbox: Probably the quickest and easiest way to give your porch a revamp is by giving your mailbox a facelift. And polka dots are always welcomed at our house. (via Crap I’ve Made)

6. Mailbox Makeover: We have you covered no matter what kind of mailbox you have. This one has two purposes — to hold your mail and to display your house number. (via The Paper Mama)

7. Spray Painted Old School Mailbox: When we think about spray painting our mailbox a solid color, this is exactly what we have in mind. (via Boy + Girl Design)

8. Raised Flower Planter Beds: If you’re not totally into window boxes, check out these flower beds. They can line your walkway, driveway or even act as a fence. (via Ana White)

9. Garden Gate: In our opinion, garden gates are one of the cutest things you can include in your side yard. It gives us strong Ms. Honey vibes (and now we want to go home and watch Matlida). (via Scottsdale Art Factory)

10. Patterned Window Shutters: We’re at that stage in our relationship where you probably already know we’re going to comment on the color of these shutters. Seriously, awesome. (via Wikipedia)

11. French Inspired Window Shutters: These European-esque window shutters are a great piece of inspiration for all of us. Absolutely beautiful. (via Our French Inspired Home)

12. Tiled Pathway: A concrete sidewalk? Nah, we’ve got an amazing tiled pathway. (via BHG)

13. Contrasting Garage Door: Yes! Bonus points for any of you who end up painting your garage door teal. (via Examiner)

14. Garrison Sconce ($169): We love all things Pottery Barn, especially sconces that can be used both indoors and out!

15. Beautiful Garden Path: Take a look at this adorable pathway. Bonus: Those stepping stones transform into a great game for kids (everything surrounding them is lava!!!!). (via Oregon Live)

16. Echoing Architecture with Pathways: If you’re house is made up of straight lines, mimic that style in your pathway and you’ve got some major home harmony happening. (via Houzz)

17. Neat Window Planters + Glossy Shutters: Apartment living? Not a problem! You can still install some lively window boxes and glossy shutters. (via Houzz)

18. Porch Furniture: Your front porch looks a little bare. It may be time to add a really cool rocking chair to it. (via Remodelaholic)

19. Chairs + Accent Pillows: Accent pillows have the same effect outside your house as they do sittin’ on your couch. They’re super comfortable and brighten up the whole space. (via Carolina Charm)

20. Simple Round Door Knocker: Too old school for doorbells? Invest in a simple door knocker. (via Remodelista)

21. Unique Door Knocker: Let’s hope this door knocker doesn’t give you as much trouble as those talking door knockers did in Labyrinth. (via Ed Trayes)

22. DIY Welcome Mat: Simple and sweet and sure beats the pants off of “welcome.” (via See Vanessa Craft)

What project will you work on this spring? Tell us all about it in the comments below!