Kylie Jenner is no stranger to a bold beauty choice. Whether she’s rocking mermaid hair or ’90s inspired makeup, trying to guess what look Kylie will try next is kind of like trying to guess the ending of a Game of Thrones episode. Case in point: this shade of blue lipstick she rocked while hanging with Caitlyn Jenner yesterday.


Upon first glance it kind of just looks like Kylie is trying out (and totally nailing) a Rihanna-inspired lipstick hue, but the caption she wrote to accompany the pic proves that the look was actually a lot more heartfelt than that. She writes, “Wearing blue lips today in honor of world bullying prevention. #BlueShirtDay2015#WorldBullyingPreventionDay wear blue and post a pic with the hashtags! Spread love & you will receive. Nothing can be done if we don’t do it together!”

This actually isn’t the first time Kylie has joined in on the fight against bullying. Last month she spearheaded the #IAmMoreThan hashtag on Instagram by using her account to profile inspiring young people who “refuse to let being bullied define them.”

Blue Shirt Day was officially yesterday (October 5), but if you want to follow in Kylie’s footsteps anyway (because every day can be Blue Shirt Day if you want it to be, right?!) grab this similar color from Rihanna’s favorite lipstick brand Free Spirits Cosmetics or follow this clever YouTube tutorial, which shows you how to hack eyeshadow into lip color.

Did you celebrate Blue Shirt Day? If so, share with us in the comments below.

(Photo via @kyliejenner)