3 Chic and Easy Lace Accessories
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3 Chic and Easy Lace Accessories

It’s lace week here at Brit HQ, and we’re all about figuring out cool and creative new ways to use lace. Today’s hack? Lace necklaces! Using a mix of doilies, trim, and lace fabric, read on to find out how to make 3 chic accessories using nothing but lace and chain.


– lace trim

– small lace doilies

– small and medium cord ends

– chain and jump rings


– fabric scissors

– hot glue

– needle nose pliers


1. Lace Feather Pendant: This pendant was inspired by one of our favorite natural shapes, feathers!

Place a bit of glue in a cord end and wedge a piece of trim into the cord end. Cut the bottom so that it turns into a feather shape. Use needle nose pliers to attach a few lengths of chain across the front of the feather. Then add a chain to the top and wear.

We love how the chain falls perfectly across the front of the feather.

And it looks extra awesome paired with a lace top!


2. Red Doily Statement Necklace: For a more colorful look, turn to brightly colored doilies! We picked these up at Michael’s.

Use jump rings to attach doilies to each other in a shape you like. Then use jump rings to attach chain. That’s it!

See how each doily is slightly different? Kind of like a snowflake ;)

So pretty!


3. Neutral Dangly Earrings: For a more natural look, combine white and beige lace trim to create these gorgeous earrings.

Use hot glue to attach lace pieces to each other in a pattern you like. We went with white, then beige, then another piece of white. Lay chain across and use a cord end to secure. Add an earring hook and you’re done!

Hanging on a wall just doesn’t do these darlings justice.

Such a pretty look – almost like a linear chandelier earring.

Which of these lace accessories is your favorite? If you give any a try, let us know in the comments below!