If you’re a procrastinator, throwing together a last-minute Halloween getup is something you’re all too familiar with. This year, forget digging through your closet to try to pull together a clever costume — instead, look in your makeup drawer and get to work, boo. These five beauty tutorials get you in the spooky and creative spirit without having to purchase new products — you’re welcome!

1. Wonder Woman: This trendy take on the classic comic character from YouTuber Shaniah Bell is totally doable if you have the basics: foundation, eyeshadow, highlighter, and eyeliner. Diana Prince would be proud.

2. Galaxy Girl: Grab a couple of bright eyeshadows, a super shimmery highlighter, and a white liquid eyeliner, and you’ll be on your way to rocking out-of-this-world makeup in no time. It’s all about seamlessly blending the eyeshadow colors so they give off a watercolor vibe. The finishing touch of silvery, gleaming highlighter paired with delicate, dainty stars ties it all together.

3. Fierce Feline: Don’t just be an average cat this October 31; instead, sport seriously fierce feline makeup that’s purrfectly suited for any Halloween happening. YouTuber Danielle Mansutti creates a crisp cut crease to add drama to her eyes with contrasting eyeshadows — and a touch of glitz, of course. Graphic eyeliner and black lipstick bring an edgy feel, while the whiskers and a black nose are drawn on with liquid eyeliner.

4. Totally Twiggy: Throw it all the way back to the ‘60s with iconic, Twiggy-inspired makeup. YouTuber Jackie Wyers turns to her trusty brow products to create natural-looking freckles. Black liquid eyeliner is the hero product of this tutorial, though, since it’s used to draw on those individual, babydoll bottom lashes.

5. Creepy Clown: If you’re a fan of It, this spooky clown makeup could be a winning Halloween idea for you. The Pennywise tutorial was done without any face paint (impressive), using only primer, black and red eyeshadow, and red lipstick. YouTuber Rhiannon Claire hacks that ghostly complexion with a very light priming stick — genius!

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