We’ve never not taken advice from Lauren Conrad. From stealing her wedding planning secrets to copying her perfect cat eye, we’re always all ears when the lifestyle guru gives us a sneak peek into her aesthetically on-point life. The latest from Lo? Five tips for turning your pad into a chic sanctuary on par with her Beverly Hills home. From what furniture you should and shouldn’t splurge on to the trick to keeping all your clothes organized once and for all, these are (as always) some points worth taking.

1. Turn the Bathroom into Your Spa Getaway: Lo winds down in her silver claw foot tub, and while your bath might not be as fancy (oo, and that vanity!), it’s the thought that counts here — to make the space a “calm, relaxing room.” Elevate your bathroom to spa levels by turning your getting-ready routines into pampering sessions. Decorate with a rug you can sink your toes into after you shower, tie on a silky robe before you brush your teeth, and light some candles before you squeeze in the bubbles.

2. Invest in Neutrals: Lauren’s major DO is to splurge on furniture that will go with nearly anything. Pick your palette of neutrals — Lo’s ranges from cream to tan to dusty blue to black — and find pieces to match. Then add pops of color to your place with thrifted finds (and sure, you can break your own rules when the right bright orange couch comes along (see above).

3. Organize Your Space So It Makes Sense to You: “It’s organized chaos,” Lauren says of her closet: some garments are sorted by color, while others are sorted by occasion. And even though it’s not consistent, it works. People often struggle to keep things organized because they can’t find the right system, so a your-way-or-the-highway approach to sorting your stuff just might be the answer to keeping your space in order once and for all.

4. Make Your Home Dinner-Party Worthy: LC’s favorite way to entertain is hosting a girls’ night dinner party (her fave? A Mexican food potluck). Besides the decor and favors, which you can DIY, be sure to stick your place with pieces that can easily move from everyday items to party-ready as soon as your guests arrive, from decorative trays that double as serving platters to party pitchers that can be used as vases on off days. Also key: keeping a fully stocked bar (or bar cart, depending on the size of your space).

5. Above All, Make it YOU: In Lauren’s own words, “your home should reflect you and who you are and you should be surrounded by things you like.” For LC, that means dressing up her space the same way she dresses herself everyday — with pieces that are simple and chic, but look high-end and, at the end of the day, well-loved.

What takeaways resonate with you most? Do you and LC share any of the same decor views? Tell us in the comments below.

(h/t + photos InStyle)