Ever since Lauren Conrad got hitched, we’ve been refreshing our LC Google Alert for news of her and hubby William Tell’s (no doubt creative) pregnancy announcement. (No pressure or anything, guys!) It looks like our favorite Laguna Beach High alum might fiiiinally have babies on the brain after revealing some exciting details about married life in a new Q+A on her website and we’re totally kinda freaking out chill about it.

lauren conrad babies

Remember back in June when Lauren banned body shaming terms from her site for that month’s Shape Up theme? Well, the monthly content is still going strong with August’s LaurenConrad.com topic “Ask Me Anything.” As part of that AMA-style theme Lauren answered 10 pretty personal Qs from her editors and @laurenconrad_com followers. The “Tuesday Ten: A Q+A With Me” post started with a bang since she answered a question we’ve all been dying to know: “How many kids do you want to have?” Lauren’s response? “Maybe two… That way we [Lauren + William] aren’t outnumbered.” We would have followed up with a “when are you planning on starting that family?!” question but we’ll take what we can get at the moment. Regardless, the B+C Lauren Conrad baby name pool starts NOW.

lauren conrad babies

One question that did have a follow up was marriage-related. Someone asked her what her favorite thing about being married is and the hardest part. “My favorite thing about being married is knowing that I have a partner in life that I get to do so many wonderful things with. Dreaming of the things we will do 20 years from now is so fun.” As for the con she wrote, “The hardest is compromise. You always want to be considerate of each other. It’s not just about you anymore.” Isn’t compromise everyone’s least fave part about any relationship, platonic or romantic? ;)

Check out the full Q+A to discover more fun LC facts like what her go-to cocktail is, the number of photos currently on her phone’s camera roll, her biggest pet peeve, the first CD she bought (spoiler alert: #VivaForever) and even her thoughts on psychics.

How excited are you for the impending expansion of Lauren Conrad’s family? Share that joy with us in the comments or tweet us a bunch of exclamation marks alongside your fave GIF.

(Photo via Gustavo Caballero/Getty, @laurenconrad + @laurenconrad)