You didn’t think we’d have you do an image search of champagne punch for the Oscars without serving up a bubbly cocktail of our own, did you? This Oscar-worthy cocktail combines classic Moet & Chandon champagne with our old college friend Goldschlager. The results? 24 carats of golden goodness.

 – champagne

– Goldschlager

– raspberries

edible gold glitter stars

– agave or simple syrup

We know what you’re thinking. Goldschlager? Really? Well, it turns out that the subtle taste of cinnamon in Goldschlager is actually pretty delicious, especially when combined with champagne. Plus, real gold in a cocktail is tough to beat.

First, pour the agave or simple syrup into a bowl big enough to fit the rim of your champagne glass. Dip the rim in so that the edges are syrupy. Repeat with all glasses. Now pour your edible glitter stars into a second bowl and dip each glass in. (If you’re a Brit Kits subscriber, you already have a bottle of these in our party popcorn kit!)

So festive and sparkly!

Add raspberries, strawberries, or blackberries to your glass. We used 3 per cocktail. Now it’s time for the hard stuff. Add 2 oz of Goldschlager to your glass.

Top with champagne. We used Moet & Chandon, the official champagne of the Oscars!

Bubbly, sparky, and filled with gold!!

What are your favorite champagne cocktails? Talk to us in the comments below.