It’s no surprise that this year’s Grammy Awards would get political, but Laverne Cox took a slightly different approach than most. While other artists’ political messages directly addressed the immediate, post-Trump political climate, Laverne Cox brought up a Supreme Court case launched by a transgender teen named Gavin Grimm, and the hashtag that people have been using to discuss it: #StandWithGavin.


Gavin Grimm’s decision to use a boys’ bathroom at his Virginia public high school in 2014 sparked intense local debate, leading the school board to forbid Gavin from using the boys’ bathroom. With the help of the ACLU, Gavin sued the school board. Last August, the school board asked the Supreme Court to take on the case; on March 28, the Supreme Court will be hearing the case.

The stakes are high for this Supreme Court ruling. As the ACLU explains: “If transgender people are not protected under the law, if we cannot safely go to restrooms that match who we are, then we cannot have jobs, we cannot go to school, we cannot participate in public life.” Gavin’s case could affect transgender lives for many years to come.

To learn more, and about ways to help, visit the ACLU. And, of course, follow #StandWithGavin.

(Photo via Kevin Winter/Getty)