After texting on your morning commute and typing the day away at work, your DIY mani might be in shambles by the time your lunch break rolls around. Chips and dings are common hour-later issues when gel polish isn’t involved, but popping out to the salon for the super-powered coat just won’t fit into your schedule. That’s where Le Mini Macaron comes into play. Nope, it’s not a sweet distraction from your nicked top coat: it’s a pocket-sized gel manicure kit that plugs right into your computer to give you the long-lasting nail treatment in just 30 seconds.


Created with the girl-on-the-go in mind, Le Mini Macaron reportedly delivers the high-shine, chip-resistant results of a salon session in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost. The portable kit comes with a streamlined set of tools that covers everything you need to prep and paint your nails, including a bottle of vibrant-hued all-in-one gel (no base coat, top coat or cleansers required) and the single-finger confection-shaped LED lamp from which the kit gets its name. Pretty freaking adorable.


While written step-by-step instructions are included along with the goods, the two-coat process is about as hassle-free as at-home (or at-office) gel manicures get. Once the USB-equipped lamp is plugged into a power source (outlet or laptop!!) cure a thin coat of the gel for just 30 seconds, then once a thicker coat is applied to kick the pigment into high gear, zap it for a half a minute again. Just like that, gel nails in 10 minutes flat (with 20 minutes to spare, give yourself a full mani-pedi by flipping the macaron lamp upside down to fit your toes). When we get our hands on this thing, you bet we’ll be live tweeting the results.


The currently-on-Kickstarter gel kits are available for a pledge of $25, a $5 break on the retail price once the campaign comes to a close, with plans to ship as soon as March of this year. Backers can currently choose between two spring-ready gel/macaron colors: strawberry pink and lavender purple, with more girly hues rolling out over time. There’s no word if Le Mini Macaron has plans to sell the gel polishes separately from the devices, but we’re hoping that’s on their “Next Steps” list, along with shipping early supporters a macaron of the edible variety along with their kit (jk not jk).

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