The job of creating an “interesting” resume is kind of the worst. You want to stand out, but you don’t want to make it frustrating or hard to follow. You want to show just how creative you are, but you also want to show that you know how to put the right information together in a concise one-sheeter. You want to create an animated GIF for every single job application but what happens when it gets forwarded from HR to the creative department? “Cannot view attachment.” Sigh.

We’ve seen all sorts of resumes come through the mail slot here at Brit HQ: a laser cut chess set, a handmade fabric portfolio and plenty of confetti. But you know what we haven’t seen firsthand? A resume made out of… LEGOs!

Created by Leah (Pastlightspeed on imgur) in an effort to score an Account Services Internship at two different agencies, she wanted to create a resume that wouldn’t just get tossed in the trash can.

Leah started by designing herself in her interview suit as a miniscale figure. Then she made custom instructions that highlight her skills throughout the build, and created a simple package design for the set to illustrate basic graphic design skills. Each set (she’s only made two so far) are customized with colors based on each agency’s branding. How smart is that?

“From client presentations to a fresh pot of coffee, Leah tackles every project with excitement and purpose.” So good!

We would LOVE to receive this resume at Brit + Co! Now we just need an Account Services department… ;)

What unusual resumes have you come across? What does yours look like? Talk to us in the comments below.