Like her Girls character Hannah Horvath, Lena has never been afraid to make a fashion statement. From her celebrity airport style to that stylish outfit from Ann Taylor, predicting Lena’s next outfit is like trying to guess where lighting will strike next. In typical Lena fashion, the actress, director and producer surprised us all by showing up to her movie premiere at Sundance rocking a perfectly tailored pant suit.

"Suited" Premiere - 2016 Sundance Film Festival

Lena’s outfit could be explained by all the time she’s spending on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton, but in reality it has more to do with the subject of her upcoming documentary: Bindle & Keep. If you’re not yet familiar, Bindle & Keep is an inclusive, bespoke suit company based in Brooklyn who has become popular for designing suits for the transgender community. Lena’s upcoming documentary Suited follows several of Bindle & Keep’s transgender clients as they go through the process of having custom suits made. The film takes a closer look at how the process differs for a set of customers with complex gender identities.

During a conversation with American television writer and producer Norman Lear at Sundance, Lena told the audience, “We’ve all got to eat, we’ve all got to get dressed and there’s something very universal about the process of having a custom suit made.” She goes on to say, “We [she and her crew] all got suits made for the festival and I have to say that the experience… of putting on the suit that had been custom made for me — I literally was brought to tears because the feeling of putting on something that fits your body and where you’re not tugging and pulling and kind of readjusting yourself in the mirror but where you’re just yourself — just like flooded me.”

Looking good, Lena!

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(Photo via Robin Marchant/Getty + Nicholas Hunt/Getty )