It seems like every lipstick out there promises to last all day, but we know that the majority of products that say they鈥檙e kiss-proof just don鈥檛 live up to the hype. The struggle is real, especially when you have little to no extra time in your days to drop everything and reapply again, or simply need your 鈥榮tick to last you through a special event like a Valentine鈥檚 Day date. So, we turned to the pros to find out which lip stains, sticks and glosses actually stay put 鈥 from morning coffee to date-night cocktails. We tapped into the expertise of some top celebrity makeup artists to see which long-wearing formulas (that actually require zero touch-ups) they swear by 鈥 and their A-list clients love. Read below and get ready to pucker up as they spill some star-worthy lipstick tips.


1. Dior Diorific Haute Couture Long-Wearing Lipstick ($36): 鈥淭his lipstick wears comfortably for hours without losing its payoff,鈥 says Daniel Martin, the celeb makeup master to Emmy Rossum, Jessica Alba and Bella Hadid. 鈥淎nd the shade Dolce Vita is a beautiful blue-red.鈥

Pro Lip Tip: 鈥淟ine your lips after you apply lipstick,鈥 adds Martin. 鈥淭his creates more definition and structure for a focused pout.鈥


2. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil ($26): 鈥淚 love lip crayons that stain the lips and offer moisturizing-rich color, like the NARS Velvet Lip Pencil,鈥 shares Carmindy, beauty expert and star of TLC鈥檚 What Not to Wear. 鈥淭he color stays put day and night, and it鈥檚 so easy to apply since it鈥檚 a lip pencil and lipstick all on one. Plus, the color is never drying, unlike most long-wearing lip colors.鈥

Pro Lip Tip: 鈥淲hen working on the legendary actress Isabella Rossellini, whose signature lip is always red, I traced a waxy highlighter pencil around her lips first, before applying the lip color,鈥 adds The 5-Minute Face author. 鈥淭his helps to avoid bleeding and to capture light (which makes lips look fuller).鈥


3. Lanc么me Shine Lover Lipstick ($27): 鈥淭his lipstick is sheer, fresh and pretty,鈥 says star makeup artist Nick Barose, whose client list includes Brie Larson, Lupita Nyong鈥檕 and Kate Mara. 鈥淚t boasts a long-lasting shine that鈥檚 perfect for day to night.鈥

Pro Lip Tip: 鈥淎lways prep lips first with a lip balm that鈥檚 not too greasy, so the lipstick won鈥檛 slide off,鈥 adds Barose. 鈥淚 love Kiehl鈥檚 Facial Fuel No-Shine Moisturizing Lip Balm ($9). Also, using a long-wearing lip pencil similar to the shade of lipstick you鈥檙e wearing will help help the lipstick stay on longer.鈥


4. Tom Ford Lip Color Matte ($54): 鈥淚 love this lipstick because it looks great on pretty much everyone,鈥 exclaims star makeup artist Robert Sesnek, whose celeb clientele includes Grace Gealey, Olivia Culpo and Kate Upton. 鈥淭he Velvet Cherry shade is so universal and it鈥檚 the perfect wine hue that so many people are looking for during the fall and winter months. It鈥檚 also amazingly wearable all year round. I used this shade recently on Chrissy Teigen and it looked gorgeous and lasted all day. I didn鈥檛 need to reapply it once.鈥

Pro Lip Tip: 鈥淎pply this lipstick out of the tube, then blot with a tissue and reapply until you reach the intensity and depth that you want,鈥 adds Sesnek.


5. Burt鈥檚 Bees Lip Crayon ($9): 鈥淭hese crayons are crazy long-lasting and the pre-scrub/hydration tip is a must with them, since they鈥檙e matte and really dry,鈥 explains natural beauty connoisseur Katey Denno, who glams stars like Mindy Kaling, Amber Heard and Olivia Munn.

Pro Lip Tip: 鈥淲hen it comes to the world of green beauty, there really aren鈥檛 any long-wearing lipsticks like there are in the mainstream market. So to make natural lipstick more long-lasting, you should first gently exfoliate lips with a warm, wet washcloth or natural makeup wipe. Then, thoroughly coat your lips with a non-silicone lip balm and kiss off the excess into a tissue. I make sure every client does this before I start their makeup 鈥 so often, in fact, that sometimes Amanda Seyfried will open the door to greet me with a wipe in her hand, scrubbing her lips. Once exfoliated, lips are less likely to feel dry and the lipstick will be less cakey,鈥 explains Denno. 鈥淭his means you won鈥檛 be as tempted to press and roll your lips, which is the number one reason lipstick disappears.鈥


6. Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge ($24): 鈥淣ot only does this lipstick provide a waterproof, lasting payoff, but it also gives you the option of wearing it matte or applying a gloss over it,鈥 dishes celebrity beauty expert Luis Casco. 鈥淥ne side is a waterproof stain and the other a clear shiny gloss. I use this lipstick on my clients when I know I won鈥檛 be able to do many touch-ups 鈥 like on the red carpet or certain photo shoots.鈥

Pro Lip Tip: 鈥淭he layering of foundation and lip liner, then lipstick, always helps the formula to stay on,鈥 adds Casco, the makeup man to stars like Charlize Theron, Cameron Diaz and Heidi Klum. 鈥淭he last time I worked with Jaime King, I used this technique and her lip color stayed put for at least six hours. She did apply some clear gloss toward the end of the day, but the shade underneath was intact!鈥


7. Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain ($14): 鈥淭his cream stain is amazing, and every busy woman on the go should give it a shot,鈥 says celebrity glam guru Saisha Beecham. 鈥淚t lasts all day and keeps its bright tone for hours. My color of choice is Always Red 01 because it鈥檚 an amazingly bold red. I was first introduced to this color when my makeup assistant wore it on set. I complimented the color when she walked in and noticed her lips were still super bright by the end of the day. I鈥檝e been hooked ever since!

Pro Lip Tip: 鈥淭o get the best wear out of any long-lasting lip color, gently exfoliate lips to get rid of any dead skin that can peel and crack,鈥 shares Beecham, who鈥檚 beautified stars like Sanaa Lathan, Kelly Rowland and Ashley Tisdale. 鈥淎 sugar scrub or a brief brush of the lips during your morning tooth brushing will do the trick. Also, lip stains wear best on clean, patted-dry lips.鈥


8. Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color ($2): 鈥淭his high-performance lipstick is a great formulation with pigmented color, and the price just can鈥檛 be beat,鈥 exclaims Justin St. Clair, the glam guru for celebrities like Rita Ora, Lily Collins and Miranda Kerr.

Pro Lip Tip: 鈥淔or a softer, less dramatic appearance, you can stipple (pat with the tip of your finger) color from the lipstick onto your lips while doing the 鈥渄uck-face鈥 lip pout,鈥 says St. Clair. 鈥淭his ensures the edges are soft and that the color stays even.鈥


9. Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream ($28): 鈥淭his long-wear lipstick, made by a company based out of Toronto, is my favorite,鈥 dishes beauty pro extraordinaire Tamara Delbridge. 鈥淚t鈥檚 highly pigmented, easy to apply given its flat-shaped sponge applicator and it鈥檚 so light I forget that I鈥檓 wearing it. One of my clients, Dari Alexander of FOX 5 NY News, talks for a living, so she鈥檚 constantly drinking warm liquids to soothe her throat. When I use this lipstick, she never needs a touch-up.鈥

Pro Lip Tip: 鈥淔or extreme intensity, fully line your lips with a matte lip liner before applying,鈥 adds Delbridge, who works with celebs like Taraji P. Henson, Wendy Williams and Keshia Chant茅. 鈥淭his will give you a head-turning lip look for a night out on the town.鈥


10. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick ($24): 鈥淚 love this long-wearing lipstick from Stila. The pigments are super rich and they have a huge selection of colors, which are beautiful,鈥 says makeup maven Fiona Stiles, who paints the faces of Amy Adams, Elizabeth Banks and Jennifer Garner. 鈥淧lus, they last all day with no touch-ups needed. The color will not budge until you take it off. Seriously!鈥

Pro Lip Tip: 鈥淎dd a touch of matte lip balm under your lipstick so your lips stay moist,鈥 adds the pro.

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