Celebrity makeup artist and OG YouTube guru Lisa Eldridge truly has a passion for makeup. Not only has she made up the faces of some of the biggest names in the world and had her work featured on the covers of countless magazines and is currently #girlbossing it up as the Makeup Creative Director at Lancôme, but Lisa is also obsessed with the history of makeup.

Recently, she published her first book called Face Paint: The Story of Makeup regarding the subject, and it truly is a labor of love. She also released a makeup video where she experimented with some of these age-old makeup trends on herself and revealed some innnnteresting information on beauty products. It’s not terribly surprising that some makeup has contained toxic ingredients like lead and vermillion before (and, let’s be real, some beauty products still aren’t totally safe now), but what’s really cool about the evolution of makeup is not only the rotating looks but also changing attitudes.


Once upon a time during the Egyptian era, makeup was widely used by men and women alike. Kohl liners were totally in.


Then came the Greeks, who preferred things a little more natural — okay, a lot more natural. They redefined what it meant to have a “strong brow.” Kahlo would approve.


Then the Venetians really took makeup overboard with their toxic Venetian ceruse foundation and vermillion rouge. Anyone else get Helena Bonham-Carter’s Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland vibes?


And once again, austerity took over during the Victorian era with Queen Victoria declaring makeup to be “vulgar and unladylike.” So… women only used damp colored wrapping paper as makeup? Sounds kinda bleak if you ask us.


And until pretty recently, like the ’20s, makeup was only for nobility or members of the upper class, and used behind closed doors. Thank you, Hollywood, for making something we love mainstream.


Which brings us to this day and age, where we’re free to use makeup to express ourselves however we like. It truly is the best age for makeup yet.

Check out the whole video below:

How do you feel about the evolution of makeup? Did anything surprise you? Tell us in the comments below!