When your workout routine isn’t, well, working out, you might turn to tried-and-true gurus like Jillian Michaels or Tara Stiles for a bit of #fitspiration. But the latest mover and shaker in the fitness world isn’t who you might expect. Liu Xiangxia has developed a simple but jaw-droppingly intense routine of swinging, squats and high kicks that is bound to kick your workout back into gear. The best part about Xiangxia’s routine is that it can be done anywhere and by anyone — even an 85-year-old like herself!


Xiangxia obliterates all of the excuses that we could ever dream up to skip exercising. After suffering from a stroke 12 years ago, Xiangxia — based in a village in Zhejiang, China — didn’t let a lack of space or formal exercise equipment prevent her from achieving her health and fitness goals. Instead, she invented her own at-home, 90-minute workout routine that flexes a wide range of muscles while requiring only a dumbbell, your own body weight and a few household items.


Couch potatoes and yogi masters alike would be impressed by what Xiangxia does to maintain her strength and flexibility. Doing the splits and lifting weights is just part of an ordinary day at the gym for Xiangxia. She touches her palms to the floor and her toes to her forehead with enviable ease. She tones her killer quads with effortless squats against her balcony rail. She swings from an ordinary metal bar with the agility of Tarzan. And her unassuming high kicks have so much grace that you’d never notice as they came swinging at you with powerful force!

We’re convinced that we can forgo pricey (and, let’s face it — unused) gym memberships and join Gym Xiangxia at no cost. But our results may vary from those of this olympian octogenarian.

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(h/t: Bustle; media via Business Insider)