Jillian Michaels’ tough love appearances might be leaving your television, but they’re moving into the form of sweat-wicking fabrics in a Kmart near you. Jillian Michaels is leaving The Biggest Loser, and our gym fashion and pocketbooks are about to become the biggest winners thanks to a new workout apparel collab between the inspiring ripped goddess and the mega discount store.

No matter if you’re a yogini, a runner, a core training fanatic or a grocery grabber who likes to look like you workout, Jillian has a look for you. Her line is packed with 24 pieces with prices ranging from $11 to $37. (You can forget seeing any $100+ Lululemon pants here, folks.)

Jillian acts as the model for her line. So, for the majority of us, when we put on that hot pink sports bra, we’re probably going to be a little disappointed that we don’t look like the lady herself. But in those yoga pants, we’re confident you’ll hear Jillian cheering you on, “If you want abs like these, people, they don’t come for free. DON’T PHONE IT IN.” You’ll look at the muffin tops in the mirror, nod in agreement and take your pants and sport bras to the checkout line along with ALL of her workout vids.

(This writer currently owns the 30 Minute Shred, Ripped in 30, Six Week Six Pack… and yet I am none of those things, because I do phone it in.) But I will head to Kmart on August 17, the day the line is set to hit stores, with hopes that the new line of clothes, brought to me by the same woman who helped me drop a pant size at one point, will get me back into tip top shape again. And I’ll even have money leftover to pay my gym membership. Jillian, you truly do know how to inspire a girl to want to become a “RESIDENT BAD A**.”

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