Whether it’s served up traditionally steamed or packed onto a buttery roll, lobster makes for the ultimate all-American feast. And while iconic dishes like these will always hold a special place in our lobstah-lovin’ hearts, we’re always on the hunt for the latest, greatest twists, too. From lobster tater tots and ravioli to pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches, here are 15 tasty takes on the New England classic. Try one tonight, and bring the best of Boston straight to your kitchen!

1. Reinvented Lobster Rolls: Lobster rolls just got hacked thanks to this unique recipe featuring chopped lobster meat, tomalley aioli and chives. (via Eclectique Eats)

2. Brown Butter Lobster Ravioli: Homemade ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese, shrimp and lobster? We’ll definitely be going back for seconds. (via Half Baked Harvest)

3. Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Give the classic comfort food a lobster lover’s twist with the help of cheddar, Gouda and Gruyere. (via BS in the Kitchen)

4. Blue Cheese Lobster Beignets: New England meets New Orleans when you whip up a batch of these blissful beignets. Spicy avocado cream makes the perfect dipping sauce, while the accompanying garden veggie sauté adds another tasty touch. (via Half Baked Harvest)

5. Lobster Pasta Salad: Who needs hot dogs and hamburgers? Summer parties will never be the same once you dish up this chilled pasta salad deliciously flavored with lemon and dill. (via Cravings Of A Lunatic)

6. Chipotle Lobster and Avocado Wrap: We love everything avocado, and this chipotle lobster wrap is certainly no exception. Try it when you’re sick of sandwiches and want a creative way to switch up your lunch. (via Skinny Taste)

7. Brown Butter Lobster and Spinach Pizza: What’s the only thing better than lobster on a pizza? Lobster and bacon together on a pizza. Oh yeah, baby. (via Half Baked Harvest)

8. Lobster Macaroni and Cheese: Skip the box and go homemade by combining lobster with white cheddar, Fontina, Gruyere and Romano for the most mouthwatering mac ‘n’ cheese that’s ever passed your lips. (via E Is For Eat)

9. Lobster Tater Tots: Didn’t think tater tots could possibly get any better, huh? Well, they can when you add lobster and serve them up alongside orange chili sauce and a Parmesan-flavored dip. (via Cookbooks 365)

10. Lobster Chowder: Can’t resist a good clam chowder? You’ll love this savory lobster blend just as much. (via Cooking Lessons)

11. Florida Lobster Gratin: It may be hot and humid right now, but come fall, this creamy lobster and rock shrimp casserole is perfect for a chilly night. (via Erica’s Recipes)

12. Lobster Rolls With Lemon Vinaigrette and Garlic Butter: If you love lobster rolls, but not the extra calories, try this lightened up version that calls for lemon vinaigrette instead of mayonnaise. And just in case you’re worried about things getting too healthy, the recipe also features a garlic-buttered bun. (via Parade)

13. Lobster Club Salad: Banish boring summer salads by tossing together lobster, avocado, chives, cherry tomatoes and a totally tasty champagne vinaigrette dressing. (via Food Nouveau)

14. Brown Butter Lobster, Bacon, Crispy Kale and Fontina Pasta: Cook up a little extra dinner date romance with this delectably decadent dish. (via Half Baked Harvest)

15. Lobster Bisque: Throwing a dinner party? Flavorful lobster bisque is sure to impress all of your seafood-loving guests. (via Deliciously Declassified)

Which of these luscious lobster recipes can you not wait to feast upon? Start dishing below!