Most of us try to make conscious choices about climate change. We use less water in the shower or try to use less electricity in our homes — but it’s pretty much inevitable. Gulp. Two graphic designers have shifted the convo from prevention to artistic prediction by creating these gorgeous (and slightly scary) postcards of what London could look like in the aftermath.

UK artists Robert Graves and Didier Madoc-Jones reimagined classic scenes of London in the future, transforming the classic views into totally unique and new images. They were inspired by the lack of imagery in the news and media from reports on climate change. With so much talk of the future effects, it’s hard to visualize what extreme changes will look like in our everyday lives. That is, until this project.

On this postcard, a rainforest-like climate takes over Buckingham.

Here, rising sea levels turn London into a city reminiscent of Venice. While the series is a little disturbing, it’s also an important chance to look at where we could end up and how we could thrive in the face of change — even if it means changing our habits and lifestyle.

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